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Working for 2 weeks between Woodland Hills and Westlake

A group of us from nyc, ~15, will be staying at the Warner Marriott in Woodland Hills and working in Westlake for 2 weeks. I need enough dinner suggestions for 2 weeks, would like for it to be close to either where we are working or staying. The group has some very conservative eaters so it should involve options that would accommodate those people.

The budget is ~$30 without drinks, tip, tax. It is flexible but it should not be too much above that. Suggestions under that range would be great too. Some food the group seems to like are mexican, italian, and asian.

I also have 1 weekend there where I would like some suggestions for meals within traveling distance by car. I have never been to california so local specialties are a plus. I enjoy ethnic foods and I am a fairly adventurous eater.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Here's one suggestion for Mexican : http://www.amarantarestaurant.com/ind... It is very close to your hotel in the Topanga Mall, bottom floor below the food court, which also has tons of options.

    Lots of chains in Woodland Hills also: California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, PF Chang's, Maggiano's, etc., not that I am suggesting any of those places.

    1. Closer to the 118 freeway..there is a mexican place called Los Toros off of Devonshire and Topanga that has decent food and good margaritas. It is probably about 10 miles away.

      1. U can find California Chicken Cafe on ventura and a bunch of other spots, Koo Ko Ros on Canoga and on Topanga Blvd pass the high school u will find a gr8 japanes spot called Yoshinoia...Good Luck

        1. Haven't been for a while, but other posters have mentioned this place. Brandywine on Ventura. It's a charming little French restaurant. I'm not sure of the current prices, but think you could do it within your budget.

          1. In Westlake, try Pookies Thai.

            In Newbury Park, try Gaya Korean BBQ

            In Thousand Oaks, Akio's Sushi

            In Westlake, Lakeview Garden

            For a wide menu that fits in your price range, there's Kate Mantilini - some good comfort foods here, and a pretty diverse menu. in Woodland Hills

            Gorikee may be more than you want to spend

            Copper Chimney for Indian, but prolly better for take-away than eat in

            In Northridge, for Greek, there's Firehouse and Alexis

            For breakfast options in/near Woodland Hills, try Bobby's Diner, CiCi's, Nat's Early Bite (Canoga Park), Brent's Deli (Northridge)

            1. PF Chang's which was mentioned earlier is just across from your hotel's entrance. Around the corner on Owensmouth is Kate Mantellini. A few blocks away on Canoga Ave. south of Victory Blvd is Cheesecake Factory. Arnie Morton's Steakhouse also has a recently opened restaurant along the same street.
              On the nortrthwest side of your hotel corner Topanga Cyn and Victory are Roy's Hawaiian fusion and Flemings for Steaks.
              Kabuki Japanese Restaurant is on the south side of Ventura Blvd. between De Soto and Canoga Ave.
              For Mexican food, Acapulco is near the cor of Canoga ave . and Ventura Blvd. while El Torito is on Canoga Ave, and Erwin St.

              1. SIERRA'S Mexican restaurant in Canoga Park is okay. It may not be as good as Amaranta or as trendy, but it well be less expensive. It's on Canoga, and I think the cross street is Vanowen--maybe 5 minutes from your hotel.

                If you want Chinese, try YANG CHOW on Topanga Canyon.

                One of the best pizzas to be found in the San Fernando Valley isn't far from your hotel. REDBALL PIZZA is a hole-in-the-wall place in a strip mall on Topanga Canyon across from the Topanga mall. However, I've never had NY pizza, so I don't know how it compares to your neighborhood places.

                1. after reading the answers to this thread, i am so glad that i moved away from warner center long ago... . . . . .

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                    One of the great unsung Jewish delis (if it's still there) is Weiler's Deli. I live on the opposite end of town and really miss not being able to go often - something I don't feel about Brent's...

                    21161 Victory Blvd, Canoga Park, CA 91303
                    (818) 884-6611

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                      Gee - and I feel the same culinary feelings about leaving the westside for northeast L.A. . . .

                    2. Thanks for all the suggestions, will definitely try at least a few of these. Any thoughts on Gyu-Kaku in the Topanga Mall? I saw it while walking around yesterday. I've tried the one in NYC and thought it was a fun place for a group.

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                        it's fun enough for a group, but it gets expensive fast since the portions are pretty tiny. the quality of the meat, fish and veggies is fine, not spectacular, but other than the novelty of the grill at your table, it's pretty lousy bang for the buck. there are much better options for korean bbq in LA; i know you're not near them, and you're looking for food in that area, and even though, it's slim pickins, i still think you can do better than gyu kaku. in case you have time to go toward granada hills, there's a good mongolian bbq called King's...

                      2. You will not be in the heart of chowland. Try driving 3 exits west on 101 to Calabasas, which has some options, both in old town Calabasas and at the Commons. Brandywine is charming, but probably above your per diem, and it’s very tiny, must make a reservation. Some of my local regular dining spots include:

                        King's Fish House - (sit on the bar side or patio for a more casual experience)
                        4798 Commons Way
                        Calabasas, CA 91302
                        Tel. 818-225-1979

                        Bonzai Sushi
                        Cal-Italia (a bit more $)
                        Sagebrush Cantina – recently changed ownership, menu may be changing has mainly a tex/mex food theme, primarily for California outdoor patio dining experience (when food isn’t highest priority, bar crowd for free music on weekends and happy hours) – check out the Harley display in parking lot on Sunday afternoons.

                        Henri’s Coffee Shop – for breakfast
                        21601 Sherman Way
                        Canoga Park, CA
                        (818) 348-5582

                        Le Bon Bakery – pastries, croissants, sandwiches, soup, quiche
                        on Ventura Blvd. – just east of Topanga Canyon

                        Toast A Restaurant and Bar – sit on the bar side – great hamburgers
                        20969 Ventura Blvd.,
                        Woodland Hills, CA 91364

                        Carrillo's Mexican Deli (authentic Mexican, good for take out or eat-in and watch Spanish TV)
                        19744 Sherman Way
                        Canoga Park, CA 91306
                        (818) 887-6118

                        Try getting up to the Getty Center on a weekend for a great day. Make a reservation at the Getty Restaurant for Lunch or brunch on Sunday or have lunch at the Café, cafeteria style dining café for a more budget-minded afternoon.

                        1. Tough having to travel with conservative companions. Here's a few more suitable for a large group:
                          Cuban: http://www.versaillescuban.com/
                          Italian-Brazilian: http://www.gallettobarandgrill.com/
                          Better Chain (in Thousand Oaks): http://www.claimjumper.com/hypertext/...
                          BBQ (not smoked): http://www.woodranch.com/restaurant_e...
                          Persian: http://www.shirinrestaurantinc.com/in...
                          Indian: http://www.tasteofindiala.com/
                          Ramen (might be too small for 15): http://www.goramen.com/2007/06/ramen-...

                          Suggestions for your personal weekend:
                          Cal-Japanese: http://www.orrisrestaurant.com/
                          Burgers: http://www.fathersoffice.com/
                          Thai: http://www.lumkanaad.com/
                          Sri Lankan (Hole in the Wall!):
                          More Burgers: http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2...
                          Sunday Supper: http://www.lucques.com/sunday_supper....
                          Hot Dog not Pinks: http://www.yelp.com/biz/fab-hot-dogs-...

                          1. Galletto's Bar and Grill in Westlake for a tipical Brazilian diner experience.The menu has been called Brazilian-Italian, but it is just like most family diners in Brazil, where there is a huge Italian population, largest outside Italy.Matter of fact, there is a Galeto's chain in Brazil which I believe this place is modeled after, just a different spelling but practically the same menu and concept with a few Cal-cuisine items thrown in.Brazilians in Sao Paulo are just as accustomed to having risotto as Americans are to having hamburgers.

                            Galletto's also has Brazilian beer and caipirinhas!

                            You are also near Los Chilenos, the most excellent Chilean restaurant in Canoga Park.
                            8406 Topanga Canyon Blvd,
                            Canoga Park, CA - 91304

                            For your own exploration, I recommend Mercado Buenos Aires on Sepulveda near the 405 for Argentine

                            1. you have a fantastic dive not far from you with great mexican food - tacos corona on the NW corner of balboa and sherman way. closer to your hotel than to westlake. excellent shrimp cocktail, very inexpensive. for dinner after work in westlake on a tuesday or wednesday, absolutely go to the four seasons and eat at onyx. tues or wed because food is 50% OFF, yes 1/2 off !!! they have sushi and cooked dishes. order the whole fish, you won't be sorry! must make a reservation, and party of 6 is max, so you'll have to split up, but you'll probably be tired of each other by then anyway :). will work with per diem at 1/2 off but not otherwise. since you are from nyc, i would definitely go down to the beach one night. just take the freeway 101N and off at Las Virgenes (you'll pass on the way to westlake) and its just about 10 minutes to Malibu. Eat at Malibu Seafood (turn right on PCH, about 3 minutes down on the right - land - side). it's BYOB and some of the freshest fish and seafood around. try the fish and chips. YUM. you sit outside on picnic tables and gaze at the Pacific Ocean. That's pretty California, and only 20 minutes from Woodland Hills! (everything takes 20 minutes in LA) good luck! enjoy, these are three of my favorites!

                              1. Agoura Hills is just east of Westlake village. Two places in Agoura Hills that I like are Willy's Smokehouse BBQ and Grill on Roadside Drive between Kanan and Chesbro and the Adobe Cantina on Agoura Road just east of Kanan. Willy's has great BBQ and a full bar. Adobe has good Mexican at decent prices. (Great margarita menu also.) Both places are casual and feature patio dining if you want to enjoy the mild SOCAL climate. In Westlake Village, Natural Cafe is good for lunch. Damon and Pythas in the Calabasas Commons is also good for soup and sandwiches. All are within your suggested budget.

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                                  Hmm have to disagree I did not enjoy Willy's at all.... I would pick Wood ranch over Willy's even though I am partial to traditional smoked 'q.

                                2. A GREAT pizza place right in Westlake is Romio's. It's my favorite pizza in the Valley, good for those picky eaters (who doesn't like pizza? ;)
                                  3316 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd
                                  Westlake Village, CA 91362
                                  Phone: 805.496.6777

                                  Also a Natural Cafe right off the Westlake exit on 101 (just south of the freeway)- not fancy, but inexpensive, casual and really pretty fresh food.