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Oct 3, 2008 12:57 PM

Working for 2 weeks between Woodland Hills and Westlake

A group of us from nyc, ~15, will be staying at the Warner Marriott in Woodland Hills and working in Westlake for 2 weeks. I need enough dinner suggestions for 2 weeks, would like for it to be close to either where we are working or staying. The group has some very conservative eaters so it should involve options that would accommodate those people.

The budget is ~$30 without drinks, tip, tax. It is flexible but it should not be too much above that. Suggestions under that range would be great too. Some food the group seems to like are mexican, italian, and asian.

I also have 1 weekend there where I would like some suggestions for meals within traveling distance by car. I have never been to california so local specialties are a plus. I enjoy ethnic foods and I am a fairly adventurous eater.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Here's one suggestion for Mexican : It is very close to your hotel in the Topanga Mall, bottom floor below the food court, which also has tons of options.

    Lots of chains in Woodland Hills also: California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, PF Chang's, Maggiano's, etc., not that I am suggesting any of those places.

    1. Closer to the 118 freeway..there is a mexican place called Los Toros off of Devonshire and Topanga that has decent food and good margaritas. It is probably about 10 miles away.

      1. U can find California Chicken Cafe on ventura and a bunch of other spots, Koo Ko Ros on Canoga and on Topanga Blvd pass the high school u will find a gr8 japanes spot called Yoshinoia...Good Luck

        1. Haven't been for a while, but other posters have mentioned this place. Brandywine on Ventura. It's a charming little French restaurant. I'm not sure of the current prices, but think you could do it within your budget.

          1. In Westlake, try Pookies Thai.

            In Newbury Park, try Gaya Korean BBQ

            In Thousand Oaks, Akio's Sushi

            In Westlake, Lakeview Garden

            For a wide menu that fits in your price range, there's Kate Mantilini - some good comfort foods here, and a pretty diverse menu. in Woodland Hills

            Gorikee may be more than you want to spend

            Copper Chimney for Indian, but prolly better for take-away than eat in

            In Northridge, for Greek, there's Firehouse and Alexis

            For breakfast options in/near Woodland Hills, try Bobby's Diner, CiCi's, Nat's Early Bite (Canoga Park), Brent's Deli (Northridge)