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Oct 3, 2008 12:55 PM

Vegetarian Restaurants

I've tried (and love) Vegetate and Sunflower, but was wondering if there any other great vegetarian restaurants in the area. I have vegan friend from out of town and I want to take her to all the best spots.


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  1. Soul Veg! I bring all of my out of town friends to Soul Veg on Georgia Avenue up by Howard University. Good soul food and Caribbean veggie food joint. Also, Tropicana has some tasty Jamaican vegetarian options.

    Soul Vegetarian Cafe and Exodus
    2606 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

    Tropicana Carryout
    7812 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20012

    1. Not completely vegetarian but Heritage in Dupont Circle has lots of veggie options, as well as most Ethiopian restaurants.

      And I hear great things about Sticky Fingers the vegan bakery. Also the new Hello Cupcake makes a vegan cupcake selection each day.

      1. Java Green is vegan (I believe vegan Woody Harrelson ate there once when filming something in DC) and good, korean-ish.

        Sticky Fingers is great for baked stuff, wonderful cake, I don't know how their sandwiches etc are.

        Asylum's vegan brunch (and not just brunch) is worth checking out, and a fun slice of DC, not necessarily the greatest food.

        Java Green Cafe
        1020 19th Street N W, Washington, DC

        Sticky Fingers Bakery
        1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, DC

        2471 18th St NW, Washington, DC

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          CityZen has a veg tasting menu. One World Cafe in Baltimore is very good. Also, Yabba Pot in Baltimore. Woodlands and Udupi Palace in Takoma Park are both amazing veg Indian places---there are others, but I think these are the best.

          1. re: mselectra

            I dig on the vegan blt that Asylum serves up. Mmmm. goodness. But be warned it can take a while to get the food.

          2. Yuan Fu on Rockville Pike near Wooten Parkway

            1. Go up 355 (Rockville Pike) north of the Beltway to Vegetable Garden. It's on the left side of the Pike as you go north, just north of Marinelli St. In my opinion, they are MUCH better than Yuan Fu, which is also on the Pike but further north. They are very vegan-friendly.