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Oct 3, 2008 12:39 PM

what do i order; sushi nanase

Going to be in westchester tonight and a friend suggested Sushi nanase in White Plains. Have not ventured out of the city to often and hoping that it is worth my while.
What should i be ordering? What is the BEST? And should i be expecting anything else?

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  1. 'Suggested'? You don't have a reservation? You won't be getting in if you don't.

    On what to order? Anything, anything at all.

    Expect the best sushi in Westchester and the most amazing service.

    It is all sublime.

    If you get in -- enjoy.

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    1. re: dolores

      Dolores is right, it's all good. If you care to splurge, get the omakase dinner. There is also a sushi platter that has about 8 different pieces on it, 8 little pieces of heaven. Try at least 2 or 3 different types of sake and compare & contrast. Also, do a search on this board for details about other CHs' experiences.

    2. Reservations are made. But is there anything along the lines of "WOW"?

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      1. re: enthusiast

        enthusiast, I'll have to defer to others. It all blurred together into one dining nirvana.

        If I were there again, I'd try the gingko nuts, I passed them by last time. And have the sake, it's a very nice generous pour.

        Worth your while? Oh yes, like almost no other place in Westchester.

      2. Thank You!
        I will let you know.

        1. Dolores, Dim Sum Diva:
          You were RIGHT! How fantastic everything was. I did happen to read some o the other remarks that are on the board and did not experience anything was was not on the plain of pleasant and perfect.
          I was told that they change their Omakase seasonally ( or monthly, i forget ) that we were first to try.
          And to top it off, Their daughter and granddaughter were there celebrating the granddaughters birthday. ( BTW, both beautiful ) Beacause of this everyone was in a superb mood.
          Thanks for all the positive heads up!

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          1. re: enthusiast

            Glad you liked it, the service and food are amazing.

            Oh, you had the omakase? I have to try that next time I'm there.

            Do share what you had?

          2. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal, enthusiast! I love the place.

            Too late for your meal, of course, but one dish I love there is the sliced scallops with truffles and sea salt. So good!

            What did they serve for the new omakase?