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Oct 3, 2008 12:11 PM

Help, ethnic lunch in Fullerton, Anaheim, Placentia?

Going behind the Orange Curtain Tuesday and will need sustenance...I know about Tony's Pizza in Placentia, anything else really recommended in the above areas? Prefer Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican or anything that's really good.
(We'll also be near Rowland Heights, which I know has plenty of Chinese choices, so please list those too.)

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  1. How about Ma's Islamic Chinese on Orangethorpe between Lemon and Raymond?

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Oh I've seen that place many times on my way to Sonic but never really looked into it. How is it Das?

      Also I recommend El Farolito for Mexican in the Placentia area. It's not ground breaking or even particularly authentic, more like Mexican-American homecooking I guess . There are some nice places for Middle Eastern food in Anaheim near the Disneyland area called Little Gaza, I believe, and there's Zankou's Chicken and Sahara Falafel which I enjoyed.

      1. re: digkv

        I like Ma's Islamic quite a lot. Don't order the usual Americanised Chinese food (sweet and sour whatever, orange whatever, forget it). Stick with things like dough-sliced noodles with lamb; lamb with preserved cabbage (be aware that this is quite pungent); five-spiced beef with leeks; and of course thin sesame-and-green-onion bread. Service can be, hm, forgetful -- just flag someone down instead of getting all het up about the service.

        Little Gaza has several places that are good. One of my favourites is Al-Sanabel (Sanabel Bakery), a Lebanese place that specialises in mankousheh, or what might be called Lebanese pizzas. The cheese with za'atar (thyme-sesame blend) is excellent, as is the plain cheese and the lahmajoun. Also good are their kibbeh balls, but you must eat them there as they don't travel well (or just buy them cold and fry or bake them yourself). The Anaheim Zankou is really one of the better ones in the chain.

        Also, hidden away in a Godawful run-down minimall on La Palma west of Magnolia in what is the furthest reach of Anaheim before it plummets into Buena Park is Tana Ethiopian Restaurant. While it's not going to displace Meals by Genet anytime soon, it is at least in OC.

        I have good things to say about Lizarran, which is a Barcelona-based chain of tapas bars that opened its first US branch in downtown Fullerton, on Harbor between Wilshire and Chapman. It's meant to be washed down with copious quantities of wine. Red is traditional but I really love txakoli, the light, fruity Basque white that's kin to vinho verde.

        I too like El Farolito though I usually end up at El Farolito Jr. in Anaheim (not as good but cheaper and closer to me -- I live in Anaheim).

        Of course, if you want a nap after lunch there's always good, hearty German fare from Jagerhaus on Ball Rd. at the 57.