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Oct 3, 2008 11:50 AM

All-butter puff pastry source?

I'm on the hunt for a place selling ALL BUTTER puff pastry near Silver Lake. Sorry to yell at you there, but all the stuff I've found so far has been made with partially hydrogenated oils, including many of the places mentioned in this thread:

The Trader Joes's in Silver Lake says it's a seasonal item, the Gelson's only carries Peppridge Farm (no butter) and Super King has an extensive collection...of no-butter puff pastry. Nicole's in South Pas is a little out of the way for me. Does anyone know of a TJ's that keeps it in stock year-round or another source? I work in Beverly Hills, so locations further west are OK as well.

Thanks, fellow bakers!

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  1. Well, it's not Silver Lake, but Surfas has all butter pastry in their freezer. It's expensive, but delicious.

      1. my trader joe's has it (la canada) and i have also bought in within the past week at the tj's on south lake. i think your silver lake joe is blowin' smoke. tell him/her to check the computer to see if it is available for order. (also what season IS puff pastry season, i'd like to know. 'cuz i'd say it's RIGHT NOW! ;-)

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          Someone posed this query a while ago and at the time I made a note of the answer (Dufour's brand, as mentioned above) and also that Wholefoods was a possible source.

          I don't know if it is but it might be worth checking.

          Also, a comment on the Trader Joe's frozen puff pastry -- does anyone else find the squares to be impossibly small?! As in *way* too small to line even a 8" quiche or pie tin, incuding all the way up the sides (natch)?

          The fact that the box is a good two inches (on two sides) bigger than its contents just adds to my chagrin. I still use it, though, as it is nicer than Pepperidge.

        2. TJs in Studio CIty is currently carrying their (butter) puff pastry but I didn't find it at TJs Toluca Lake...