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Oct 3, 2008 11:28 AM

London-Italian food supplies....where?

Please let me know your best place for basic Italian supplies.....quality, etc

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  1. Where are you based?

    In central London, Camisa on Old Compton Street is pretty reliable, as is Lina Stores on Brewer St. Gazzano's is good on Farringdon Road. But there's probably one nearer to your neighbourhood, if you let us know where that is.

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    1. re: greedygirl

      Thanks for input...we're visiting a friend who is ill in N London, around East Finchley tube, but a friend has a car....we thought of food "treats" to make her feel better...

      1. re: CMT

        I don't know that area at all, but your best best is probably Muswell Hill. It's quite posh there, so bound to be lots of nice deli-type places.

    2. Not the same side of the river, but the new deli called Italo has just opened on Bonnington Square in Vauxhall, run by Luigi Di Lieto, who used to have Di Lieto's in stockwell, a legendary stockwell bakery/italian neighbourhood store, which I know many south londoners have been missing. The new place has fantastic produce, and was cheaper than Camisa, which I've been using since Mr Di Lieto snr. closed the store and retired to Italy. South London hasn't been the same since. Till now, I guess ;) Happy to have you guys back!

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        I went to Italo this afternoon (inspired by your post). Nice people and the home-made food looked good, but the stock of anything else was very low eg just two salamis and no salads. May be just becauseit's a Monday afternoon.
        A much more extensive deli is Salumeria Napoli in Northcote Road, five minutes from Clapham Junction. They have a very wide range of both dried and fresh pasta, several salamis and hams and particularly good tinned tomatoes (the baby Napolina ones are always in my cupboard) and vegy things in jars.

        1. re: Jenny Sheridan

          yeah, that place on the northcote road's great, but a bit out of the way, as I live in Victoria, and I don't mind going to Vauxhall. This new place Italo was cheaper than Napoli though, and impressively stocked when I was last in, with some great looking fruit and veg too. So maybe you caught them on a bad day, or at the end of a busy one!

        2. re: skut

          I didn't know Di Lieto's had closed. What a shame.

          1. re: greedygirl

            yeah, it changed hands, it's rubbish now

        3. Gazzano's, on Faringdon Road in Clerkenwell is my number one choice and worth the trip. Camisa and Lina Sores in Soho are also very good but parking may be difficult.

          1. I go to Gazzano's on Farringdon Road for my supplies. However, I have family in Muswell Hill and visit them by using East FInchley tube... In East FInchley there are two possibles, one on the High Road near Fortis Green and the other on Fortis Green itself, the second may be more cafe than deli - I don't know as it's shut by the time I get tehre of an evening. I'd vote for Gazzano's over the place on the High Road, but it's a lot less convenient!
            Muswell Hill's best (Italian) deli is now closed, the owner went back to Italy. However, there are a number of deli's and deli type shops with foodie goodies in MH. There's one on Fortis Green Road, almost opposite the cinema, it might be called Oliver's these days and one that's on Muswell Hill Broadway itself, the opposite side to the Post Office. The first has been tarted up a lot since I used to get lunch in there, the second is new and I've only had a very quick nose. Other than that, there are some swanky bread and danish type shops in MH where you should be able to pick up something nice, including a Maman Blanc.
            Hope that helps.

            1. I find Tavola on Westbourne grove, Notting Hill pretty good