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Oct 3, 2008 11:25 AM

Too much bok choy .. what to do?

Bought a giant bag of bok choy at the Asian market to make dumplings -- any great/easy recipes for the rest? Thanks!

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  1. Everyone I've served it to likes this Bok Choy Salad
    although I do have to warn people that it's not at all a healthy salad, with all the sugar and oil.

    However, I think you only need to use half the dressing called for.

    1. i like it simply sauteed/braised in a little chick broth on the stovetop, flavored with soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce -- or black bean/chili sauce/paste. maybe splash on some rice wine vinegar and a little toasted sesame oil. toasted sesame seeds on top are good, too.

      are these baby bok choy? if so, just split lengthwise. if large, roughly chop, cooking tougher portions with a headstart over more tender greens.

      1. My normal use for bok choy is to stir fry it alone as a vegetable. I also use it for creating salads, specifically a cabbage-type salad. Then I use it in soup. For the later I usually make what this family calls "do it yourself soup". Chicken broth poured over cooked (thin) noodles and sliced bok choy. Then they can add whatever appeals; pieces of ham or char siu, hard cooked eggs, cilantro, cut up scallions, etc.

        1. We've always made a salad, from Delia's TV program I think.

          Chopped bok choy, drained canned tuna and cannillini beans, red onions and a dressing.. I can't seem to find it online or remember exactly how it went but it's pretty good!

          Something like this but the greens were bok choy.

          1. I stirfry with garlic and a pinch of chile flakes, and after it's off the heat, sprinkle with a shiso/sesame seed mix like Eden Shake (is that what's it's called?) and maybe a drop of toasted sesame oil. It reduces in volume mightily.
            Or you could adventure into small scale kimchi production...