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Oct 3, 2008 11:14 AM

Best bets in Lake O/Wilsonville/Tualatin/ area?

Looking for best restaurants in this area for tonight. . .any ideas?

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  1. There's a real nice Seafood place overlooking the lake in Lake O. Forgot the name, but the entrance is right before you get to St. Honore. Real nice place. Real nice wine service and selection. Probably set you back around $75 per head incl. wine.

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    1. re: MichaelG

      Wilsonville & Tualatin are dining wastelands.
      MichaelG is referring to Oswego Lake House, which I found to be horrible.
      I suggest Tucci in Fake Oswego.

      1. re: Leonardo

        I dont know about wasteland....but tundra for sure! in wilsonville the taqueria/Tiende San Fransico behind the Izzy's does pretty good tacos.
        Bridgeport Village has a LO address(for obvious reasons) but is most definately in tualatin. that being said, split wine bar has some decent dishes and there is an outpost of SinJu right next to split. Other then your typical suburban mall clientele, Sin Ju is totally on par with its Pearl location.
        only rec. for L.O. is dangs. Tucci is decent for a drink and antipasto at the bar but everything else is MEH. Five spice, Lakehouse, Manzana are all bad. Another little italian place in that development with manzana and Five spice is called Zeppo. pretty good, nice owner, friendly staff, solid italian dishes you have seen many times. If thats what sounds good when your there, it should be more then acceptable.
        But like SS said, If you like Thai, you really should do yourself the favor and hit Dang's!

        1. re: Leonardo

          Actually, no. I did some research, and now know I'm referring to "Five Spice." I went with low expectations, and came out very well fed and pleasantly surprised -- particlularly with the wine service.

          1. re: MichaelG

            speaking of wine service, its not a restaurant per se, but Pour wine bar/bistro does the wine bar thing really well. just ignore the L.O. cougars sipping their rose!!LOL

      2. You gotta go to Dang's Thai Kitchen in LakeO. I can't think of a Thai restaurant other than Pok Pok that's better in the area. They've got the usual assortment of "classic" dishes like noodles and curries, and some really great appetizers as well to go along with not-your-usual dishes like khao soi which are real gems.

        1. Wilsonville is, with one lone exception, a culinary wasteland of 2nd-tier chains and drive-throughs. Tualatin is much the same. Think Red Robin, Olive Garden and Outback. And those are the high points.

          The single exception is Dar Essalam, a relatively new family-run Moroccan restaurant specializing mostly in tajines and kabobs. They also do two bastillas (see website for description), a savory one for an entree, big enough for two, and a sweet, fruit-filled one for dessert, also for sharing. These are a wonder to behold, and as delicious as they look. If you would like to try the dessert bastilla (trust me, you would), order early, as it takes time to bake.

          Service is very good and friendly, the food is unfailingly excellent, the prices surprisingly reasonable.

          Dar Essalam is a shining star in WIlsonville, certainly, but would be a bright spot even in more sophisticated surroundings. All in all, highly recommended, and worth going out of your way for. Do give them a try if you're anywhere near.

          The website seems to have changed recently, and seems a bit muddled. They're much better at making food, believe me.

          Dar Essalam
          29585 SW Park Place Suite A, Wilsonville, OR