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Oct 3, 2008 10:36 AM

Campagne tonight (3 Oct)

Haven't been in years - anything that is a must order?

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  1. Their menu changes all the time. Probably the only constants are some kind of pâté and charcuterie, and maybe not even that. Enjoy!

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    1. re: malarkey

      Their tartare is the best in the city IMO.

    2. Been awhile since I've gone as well, but I love their duck confit salad.

      1. I've always loved their soups and it sure is a soup kind of day!

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        1. re: zoogrrrl

          Update and Review:
          Service was lovely, sommelier was great. Food varied from wonderful to adequate. We started with tartare and charcuterie. Both were very good. The tartare was not as good as Boat St but very good in its own right. The charcuterie was really really good. There was pate, duck proscuitto, bresaola and rillette. The rillete was rather bland, but everything else was melt-in-your-mouth-wow.

          had a fantastic composed salad that was surprisingly delightful. haricot vert, artichoke hearts in a lemon vinegarette with shaved foie torchon on top. omg!

          dinner was ok, but no socks were knocked off. fruit de mer with scallops, prawns and smoked halibut pate. fresh, but no magic. duck breast with plum compote -again fine, but no better than other places.

          again, service was just lovely. all in all a nice evening.