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Oct 3, 2008 10:31 AM

French Quarter, a little more help please

Thanks to your help so for I will be doing the tasting menu at August and oysters at Acme for my upcoming trip to the French quarter.

Now I'm looking for a few more things. Where should I go for the best Turtle Soup? Where should I go for the best Alligator? Where should I go for the best Po' Boy and Gumbo? The first two requests are the more important. Thanks so much.

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  1. As far as I know, you're not going to get "the best" alligator anywhere near the FQ. That would be something to get so you can tell your friends about it upon your return. Not that alligator isn't good. You just don't see it offered at many respectable outlets here.

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      Understood, since traveling to far out of the FQ is not an option, any suggestions for decent alligator. I don't ever see it here in New York so this might be about my only chance to try it.

      1. re: misnatalie

        In the past, you could get alligator at a place on Decatur, just next to Cafe du Monde, but I can't guarantee they still have it or that it's any good. Sorry. Hope someone else is more helpful.

    2. With the FQ as your boundary, I would suggest Galatoires for the turtle soup (I prefer mine with a squeeze of lemon, not the traditional sherry) and for gumbo, I would go to Mr. B's for Gumbo YaYa. Though you did not ask, I will suggest that you go to EAT on Dumaine for breakfast one morning. This article will tell you where you can find alligator in the FQ

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        Eat is on the list for breakfast for my friends, I just never eat breakfast. Thanks for the thumbs up on it.

      2. for alligator:

        second the gumbo ya ya at Mr. B's, and will also suggest the gumbo at Muriel's.
        turtle soup at Grand Isle.

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          Wow. I can't believe I forgot Cochon for alligator. Definitely Cochon, even though, it's slightly outside of the FQ. (Just barely, though. Easily walkable.)

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            Yes, I will second Cochon for alligator. I've never been too impressed with alligator until I've had it at Cochon.

          2. My cousin told me that Coops Place has great turtle soup. It's appears to be a dive bar but the food rocks, and they have good booze (on lower Decatur, close to Frenchman St.) I can verify (after two tastings) Coops has great jambalaya, made with rabbit and sausage. It's a perfect place for younger folks that don't want white tablecloths...and you can get great food late at night.
            (Not casting aspersions, just clarifying demographics)

            The great po'boy places are all closed on Sundays, beware. (I didn't find that out until I was looking on a Sunday)
            Have a great trip!
            Felix's (right across from Acme) has a good nofrills raw bar, and perfect horseradish.

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            1. re: pitu

              Found Coops Place last year on my annual trek to the Big Easy. Food is awesome and interesting. Suggest going late afternoon as the locals pile in at sundown and seating is very limited. We ate at the bar and washed everything down with a divine spicy bloody mary. One of our best meals there. Also, whenever you are looking for something specific, ask your server/bartender. They live there, know where the best food is for the best price, and support each other restaurant to restaurant. Don't be afraid to inquire!

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                Johnny's Po Boys on St. Louis St. in the French Quarter is open on Sundays 9:00-4:00.

                Johnny's Po-Boys
                511 Saint Louis St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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