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Oct 3, 2008 10:09 AM

Wedding at home or Hall

Hello everyone,

I am getting married in May 09 and am wondering what your suggestions are for a wedding at a hall (central NJ) or in the backyard. We expect at the most 100 people, it will be on a Saturday. It is an Italian/Indian wedding so we want the food and decor to reflect both the cultures. We do not want anything lavish but something personal and warm. I know the experiences vary so I appreciate any and all comments on what in your opinion makes more sense.


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  1. I would just tell you that the logistics for a backyard wedding can be a nightmare and by the time you have to rent everything, I'm not sure that you save all that much money. Congratulations!

    1. Hi Folks - Pardon the interruption. If you have catering recommendations, or locations which would serve the kind of food soniak is seeking, please feel do make them. However, general wedding planning discussions and event locations that don't offer chow are beyond the scope of our boards.

      Thank you.

      1. IWejust had a wedding recption at a country club, but not an upscale club. They handled everything from the wedding coordiating to food, bar and clear up, The corkage for for a bottle of wine a\was $6 and open bar well drinks were $3.50 and that ncluded tax and gratuity, I woukd suggest having soemone else do the work so you can enjoy your day. It goes by quickly and it is a better memory if someone else is working. Both my husband and I are Italians and we know how important food is...we were not disappointed.

        Also, we had the threat of rain and at the country xlub we had the option of doing the ceremony inside,