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Oct 3, 2008 10:07 AM

Dixon Li's is it good?

They are opening a new Dixon Li's on lake worth in the old Lenoria;s location. I know the one on Military is always busy. Is it that good or just that cheap?

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  1. Sorry to say it's "just cheap". The food is not good at all.

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    1. re: Sueshe

      I wasn't a registered member at this site until now, when I just HAD to register so that I can leave my comment here.
      Dixon Li's is absolutely the best, most superb Chinese restaurant we've ever been to. The food is first class, top notch, incredible. The prices are great and the service is friendly and as great as the food is. Top notch.
      We haven't been to the new location on Lake Worth Rd. yet, but we will be visiting that location a.s.a.p..
      Note: please order the wonton soup. Just do it! You will be amazed. It's not like anywhere else and you'll never forget it for the rest of your life!
      As a matter of fact, Dixon Li's is up there in a tie for #1 for the best restaurant of any kind that we've ever been to.

      1. re: VanishingInk

        With all due respect, I have a problem with your opinion if you rank Dixon Li as a "tie for #1 for the best restaurant of any kind that we've ever been to." While Dixon Li is very good, it certainly doesn't hold a candle to Silver Pond or even Grand Lake and Kingsburg. The great thing about Dixon Li is, yes, the food is good AND abundant. The appetizers they serve with the dinners make it a great value. I would definitely try the new location, without hesitation. I believe they call it Dixon Li Express.

        1. re: Alfred G

          I don't see why anyone would have a problem with us saying "most superb Chinese restaurant WE'VE ever been to". But that's your perogative.

          1. re: rainroosty

            No problem with "most superb Chinese", but "best restaurant of any kind" clearly is a different subject.

            1. re: Alfred G

              No, Dixon Li's is the best restaurant of any kind that WE'VE been to......

    2. Dixon Li is the best Chinese restaurant in West Palm Beach/Lake Worth area.
      The prices are quite reasonable. The service is friendly; but most of all the food is wonderful as well as plentiful. Why else would the parking lot be filled with a waiting line for people to be seated?

      1. I'd never heard of Dixon Li's until recently. The owner is partnering up with Lirim Jacobi from Taverna Opa in CityPlace and City Pizza and they will be opening an Asian restaurant in CityPlace within the next year. Glad to hear that Dixon Li's has great food, and am excited about the new restaurant.

        1. dixon lees wonton soup is the best won ton ive ever had. ive lived in ny and san francisco so i feel i know asian food. the best chinese food ive had here is grand lakes their dim sum is incredible and their wintermelon soup if you order it thick is superb. they serve it clear to non asians but this non asian loves the true ethnic way