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Oct 3, 2008 10:01 AM

Greenville SC - Downtown food Wed-Fri

What's good in downtown Greenville SC these days? Any kind of food is fine as long as it's good or not a chain. We'll be there for lunches and dinners and would also like some recs for a good brewpub or bar if there is one. Downtown is best, but if there are other great places, bring them on!

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  1. Downtown lunch: Tsunami and Murasake for sushi, island Blend for carribbean, Lemongrass for Thai, Bohemian for a good burger, Mary's for frou-frou lady food, but a spectacular outside view of the park.

    Downtown dinner: American Grocery - pretty good, kinda pretentious, very expensive ( a fine place for an expense account meal), Wine Cafe for a nice patio, retail priced wines w/ cheap corkage and tasty, expensive food.

    Personnally, i don't like any of the commonly mentioned places downtown, Soby's, Lazy Goat, High Cotton. Used to like Devereaux's, but haven't been since the Soby people bought them. For God's sake avoid Smoke on the Water.

    Bar: Barley's hands down. Not a brew pub, but has a TREMENDOUS selection of DRAGHT beer. And an upstairs w/ pool tables and ANOTHER huge wall of taps. Pizza is less sucky there than at other G'ville pizza joints, although that doesn't say much.

    Let me know if you have some more specific wants, directions.

    Oh, and if you need coffee, Coffee Underground is locally owned and offers really well made coffee drinks and a quiet place to drink (alcohol) in the evening.

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      Thanks Danna - I always enjoy your postings and I appreciate the help here - I'll post on what we ate after we go.

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      1. This is about a month late, but if you're in the mood for non-traditional Mexican, I can't recommend Chicora Alley enough. Their fruit salsa nachos are worth it alone but the rest of their menu is a unique take on standard Mexican fare.

        I really like Island Blend Jerk also for the Jamaican patties, curried goat and I haven't worked up the courage to try the curried ox tail but I'm sure it will be delicious. Very reasonable prices also, from both places.