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Oct 3, 2008 09:14 AM

Lower Manhattan tomorrow - recs needed

Foodie run tomorrow (Sat.) to lower Manhattan island, south of 23rd St. Budget is pretty tight, so "great value/cheap eats" recs please. Looking for great ethnic food stores as well as restos. Southeast asian cuisines are our passion. Thanks very much. Will report back if there is demand for such. See below for what's already planned.

Kam Man Food Products
Jefferson Market
Hercules Fancy Grocery
Murray's Cheese Shop

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  1. This list has a number of places in both the vicinity of Murray's Cheese and Kam Man that I think are worth visiting (note, if you click on the names of most of them - there are some problems with the duplicate issue, you'll be taken to the Places link, and then you can see other threads that discuss the places in the list):

    Also - here's a link to an outing I went on with some other 'hounds in Chinatown, with some great cheap eats:

    Hope that helps -have a great visit.

    1. Check out Caracas (Venezuelan)