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Oct 3, 2008 08:51 AM

Dinner tonight in Harbor East

I am looking into making dinner reservations tonight at Harbor East and can't decide between Oceanaire, Fleming's or Roy's. Looking for any recommendations, or if I should try another restaurant in Harbor East that is not one of those, please let me know!

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  1. If you want feedback on those places, you might look in the Chains board. Someone might have recs for a non-chain place for you though.

    1. Of those three I'd pick Oceanaire. Make sure to order a side of corn (it's really good, like a sweet creamed corn lightly seasoned with nutmeg ) and the halibut steak simply grilled with lemon has been outstanding every time I've tried it. The last time we were there (about two weeks ago) our waiter said they were going to be getting live king crab in soon so maybe they have them now.

      To be fair I've never eaten at Fleming's or Roy's but that's because my husband has and he likes Oceanaire much more than either of them. The only times I've ever had any complaints about Oceanaire has been on nights when they were packed (New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day) because their service and 'quality control' seem to slip a bit under those conditions.


      And I just realized I posted this *way* too late to be of any hopefullly you had a great dinner wherever you ended up! ;)