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Oct 3, 2008 08:31 AM

Good brunch places in Red Hook?

Are there any good places for brunch in Red Hook? The Good Fork is open only for dinner and I am looking for some place to check out with a few friends on Sunday. We plan on walking around the neighborhood.

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  1. dont know much about it, but a teeny cute new place opened on van brunt btwn visitation and pioneer called kevin's. everything on the menu that i glanced at looks extremely reasonably priced (i.e. $5 french toast, $8 crab cake sandwich). it does have a brunch specific menu, so they are definitely open on the weekends. i grabbed a menu and plan on stopping in soon. their number listed on there, if you have any questions, is 718.596.8335.

    another option would be hope & anchor diner.
    and make a stop by baked for a cupcake too!

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      I saw Kevin's had a brunch menu too. We didn't eat there yet, but it looked like the menu focus is on fresh seasonable and simple food. Tini also does a brunch. I wasn't impressed by Hope and Anchor's brunch -- it's very pedestrian diner food.

    2. Yes, we went to Kevin's last Sunday. My husband got an omelet, and I had the crab cake sandwich. It was excellent and very reasonable. Both plates came with a little dish of fresh fruit. The coffee is also a standout. Enjoy!

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        My teenage children, wife and I had brunch at Kevin's today and it was magical. My Eggs Benedict with smoked trout (the "Adirondack") was superb; hamburgers with crispy pommes frites were a hit with wife and daughter, and the shrimp chowder and seafood stew got high marks from my gourmand son. Relaxed and stylish setting, and *extremely* reasonable prices.

      2. Try Hope & Anchor Good food nice atmosphere

        1. Definitely recommended - went yesterday and the food was pretty amazing (especially for the really low prices). The challah french toast with cornflakes was delicious; there was also a grouper curry that was great.

          Really nice vibe and people working there too.