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Oct 3, 2008 08:17 AM

Source for French Green Lentils

Do you know where I can get these...Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Roche Bros?

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  1. Bob's Red Mill sells them, pretty certain they are available at Whole Foods along with other (imported brands) and I have seen them at some, but possibly not all, Market Baskets and Ocean State Job Lots. More often, though, I have bought some nice green lentils from Italian stores... J Pace's used to sell some really nice ones in bulk and I saw them about a year ago in Saugus, Polcari's usually has them, Russo's would be a good bet. I would think Arax almost certainly has them too, but remember seeing more the red variety.

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      I have seen them among the Baer's Beans selection at Russo's - on one of the under-shelves back in the vicinity of the tomatoes.

      1. re: Allstonian

        Just bought a bag of these lentils at Wilson's Farm in Lexington.

      2. re: itaunas

        Arax has them, but they're just labeled as 'lentils', if one isn't familiar with the way they look.

      3. Christina's spices would almost certainly have them (In Inman square next to Christina's ice cream). Second Russo's but find it hard to shop there because all the legumes are pushed down under the produce, scattered among a couple of Aisles. They do have locally produced legumes though which is great. If you're feeling wealthy, I'd guess Formaggio would have them.

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        1. I usually buy them in bulk from Whole Foods. Been to a few diff WFs to buy them and can't remember being shut out.

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              They either have them in bulk or packaged near the rices and grains. I bought some at the Prospect St. WF last week and they were cheaper than Christina's (believe it or not).

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                Good to know about WF on Prospect Street. Since the renovation, the Whole Foods at River Street has significantly cut down its bulk section including Lentils du puy. I bought some on Saturday at Christina's.

          1. If I'm in a hurry, I will pay the premium for them at South End Formaggio.