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Oct 3, 2008 07:58 AM

La Belle Crepe - Minneapolis

I was walking down Nicollet Mall last night when I came across a tiny place next to Zelo called La Belle Crepe. I'd never heard about it before and thought I'd ask about anyone's experience with it.

But before I did, I googled and found out from this article ( that it's opening this weekend. The article intrigued me.

I'll try to make it over sometime in the next few weeks, but would love to hear anyone's thoughts about the place before I do.


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  1. Places link finally:

    La Belle Crepe
    825 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402

    1. I ate there last Saturday. Their menu is divided into sweet and savory crepes. I ordered a smoked salmon & chevre crepe, which was seasoned with capers and dill. The toppings were well proportioned to each other and to the size of the crepe, so the flavors and textures were well-balanced in my opinion. (I'm not a crepe expert by any means; I usually just order one with Nutella.) The chef put down fresh batter when I ordered rather than reheating one from a stack of pre-mades.

      Base price for a classic crepe with sugar was in the $4 ballpark. Highest price was about $8. They also serve an assortment of sodas, juices and hot drinks. No seating, only a stand-up counter, however there are benches outside on Nicollet Mall where one could sit and eat.

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      1. re: StPauliGirl

        Was there today and got reheated crepes that were served cold. The chef was in, but his assistant did the cooking. The crepes were tough and chewy. The fillings that they used were excellent, however. Do you have to ask for a fresh made, or just get there at the right time?

        1. re: mech_e

          Geez, even at the crepe pace at the MegaMall (Magic Pan?-- next to Tucci Benuch) makes the crepes to order. If the crepes are not made on a crepe griddle (or whatever the thing is called) when you order it, I see no reason to go to the place.

        2. re: StPauliGirl

          I think this is about the worst restaurant downtown. They use diced ham and turkey and MICROWAVE it for the crepes! The crepes are HORRIBLE. I agree..tough. They are way too big and folded into a triangle. What a total waste of $8.50. I don't think getting there at any time will change that diced meats and microwave are used.

          1. re: CocoL

            I have been to La Belle Crepe two more times since my original visit and must agree with CocoL that they aren't very good.

            It is an expensive and unsatisfying lunch, so I tried it for a quick breakfast. Unfortunately they do not do anything quickly, so that was a disappointment too.

            1. re: StPauliGirl

              I went for lunch today. I had the lox crepe (smoked salmon, dill havarti, hollandaise sauce, asparagus).

              The crepe itself was dried out, and not very appetizing. fortunately, the hollandaise sauce and filling were quite good. I ate whatever crepe was covered in the sauce, then opened it up and ate the inside.

              The proprietor was very nice. I wonder if I became a regular if he would take my request to make my crepe fresh rather than reheat. It would have been a quite acceptable meal if it had not been dried out.

              The dessert crepe special this week is walnut, brown sugar and salted caramel ice cream, which sounds delicious. Maybe I'll try it out on Friday and ask for a fresh crepe.

              1. re: cheetobrain

                Man, if they aren't making fresh crepes, then they're just selling wraps. Waste of time.

                1. re: Jordan

                  Too bad about this place as it is a good concept. I don't believe they will get alot of business with the prices they are charging in the current economic client.

                2. re: cheetobrain

                  Yum! I too went for lunch today and had the lox crepe, the contents of which are accurately described above. My crepe was made fresh and was moist. The proprietor was there and he supervised the making of my crepe. The crepe had the right portion of fillings and was v tasty. It was enough food for a light but satisfying lunch.

                  Maybe they had to get the new restaurant jitters out, say when Dara was there, but they seem to be doing fine now. I did have to remind them to take my money, no big deal though.

                  1. re: mplsmojo

                    I must disagree with most of the posts above! I thought this place was excellent! I found it yesterday (11/3) and went in for lunch to go. I ordered the classic savory with gryere and ham. Yes, it was diced ham, but it's not like they had a huge kitchen - the question is... was it good ham? Yes, it was! The gryere was shredded fresh, and crepe was made fresh from batter. It was a little bit of a longer wait (5 mins?) but the food was divine. As I was walking in someone had ordered the salmon crepe and told the chef it was the best crepe she'd ever had. To be honest, the one I had compares very closely to the ones I had in France. Seriously give this place a go!

                    1. re: bazwsu81

                      Not until/unless I hear that they are ALWAYS making the crepes fresh-- it is absurd for a crepe place to serve reheated crepes... ever... or even think about it...

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I've finally made it to La Belle Crepe. My better half and I met for a quick lunch here last week.

              All in all, I'd say it was pretty good - not worth it to come downtown and park, but if you're in the area, it's a nice lunch alternative.

              I had the savory salmon crepe that has been described here. It was very tasty although not especially filling. The flavor was a little salty/sour, but one would have to expect that in something with smoked salmon, capers, and dill. (I don't think my crepe had hollandaise sauce - the sauce was more dairy-based than egg-based.)

              My wife had the savory special, which had turkey, brie, roasted apples (with curry if I remember correctly) and a few other things. Hers was even better than mine.

              We were both hungry, so we split a sweet crepe with sugar and lemon.

              All of the crepes were fresh and hot. I don't know if there's a pattern to the fresh/reheated crepes or not.


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              1. re: bob s

                I had the sweet classic crepe on Friday and it was made fresh.

              2. Since there haven't been any recent posts here--I just visited there at lunch--the crepes were all being freshly made. I had the salmon, which was a nice mix of flavors, including salty capers and sweet apple. Like most savory crepes, it (with cole slaw) was $6.95--a little pricey, but not bad for a change of pace meal. The owner will soon be opening another shop (with full bar) in the Uptown area.

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                1. re: mplsbf

                  You know, Lucia's to go has excellent crepes. Just a note...

                  1. re: mplsbf

                    It looks like I was wrong with my assesment that the prices were too high especially in this economy. I plan on checking it out.