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Oct 3, 2008 07:53 AM

Penn Station Baltimore

Any good places within walking distance for a quick lunch?

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  1. in the long block to the south is XSBaltimore, they have sandwichs and sushi.

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      1. re: Barry Strugatz

        Some of the best crabcakes in Baltimore can be had at Faidleys at the Lexington Market. It's two miles, so not exactly a short walk, but worth it. (take a cab?)

    1. Sofi's Crepes, are they open for lunch? Tapas Teatro is next door, and Dionysus is about 1.5 blocks away, but again, I don't know whether they are open for lunch.

      Lots of places near Penn Station, search the boards for Mt. Vernon for more ideas.

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      1. re: venera

        Tapa Teatro isn't open for lunch. Neither is Dionysus or The Brewers Art.

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          the sofis crepes near penn station is open thurs-sun only. they opened up a second place which is only open for lunch a bit more downtown (maybe the 300 or 400 block of N. Charles)

        2. We went to Thai Landing a couple of nights ago and it was very good. They haven't succumbed to the trend of dumbing it down that has befallen so many Thai restaurants. The owner is very charming.

          It's only a block or so away.

          1. The Owl Bar is open for lunch Tuesday thru Friday and they do have a crab cake (I can't vouch for the food, I haven't eaten there in like 20 years). It's about 2 blocks south of the train station:


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            1. re: hon

              I've never had a crab cake there, but DL met there once and the pizza was pretty darned good.

              1. re: JonParker

                I was looking at their menu and thought, I may have to try this again! Plus, you gotta love that bar.

                  1. re: crowsonguy

                    Dalai Lama. He's a pretty regular visitor to Baltimore.

                1. re: hon

                  I went to the Owl Bar about two months ago and it was awful!!! Every time I visit they seem to slip more and more, and my last visit was really pathetic. We had clams casino w/ uncooked clams, caesar salad w/ dressing from a bottle, and the crab cake was almost ALL bread. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT get their crab cake. I'll never go there again. They even knew how upset we were with the meal and didn't compensate us for anything.