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Oct 3, 2008 07:37 AM

Best of Dallas

I will be in Dallas for a month for work. My husband will be visting for a few days while I am there and wants to eat at the best steakhouse, and would like your opinions! I will be in the North Dallas area (Farmer's Branch), but anything w/in a 45 min drive would be fine. I also would like some suggestions for local places to try on my own. I do not want to eat at chains for a month! I enjoy all cuisines, so please suggest away! Thank you for your help!

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  1. Whew that is a daunting list:

    I will leave the steakhouses to others....there is hot debate over which ones. I happen to like my own better than paying $50 + for a steak. So I am out on that debate.

    For a list of chinese places....Authentic or very close to try these places. I ran down a list of what I have tried and tested at each place.

    I have a few recs that will be very close to you (Coppell and Carrollton) in this post. Side note that Mi Patio in Lewisville closed due to the economy.

    Another post with some recs that are all around but 45 min from where your staying covers a wide area!

    This taqueria is in a somewhat rough neighborhood but it is close to where you are staying, it is cheap, and only two taco selections but they do them very well. They do have an alternate menu but the tacos are addictive and will give you cravings.

    For some great Indian and Nepalese food, Irving is not terribly far away! I would skip the chinese side of the menu but everything else (especially the Nepalese dishes) are excellent.

    Sometime you are just hungry for a places in town for that

    Best places for Pho in Dallas.....will throw in 3 places in case they are on the list. La me for Bun Cha Hanoi (quite possibly the best pork dish one can have), bahn mi (who doesn't love sandwiches), and Bun Bo Hue (a spicier version of Pho thicker noodles and more "interesting" meats; Nam Hua they have the best seafood hotpot might grab 4 or 5 of your co-horts that might be travelling with you b/c this is a "large Texas sized" hotpot and one of the best balanced soups I have ever had, bahn xeo (Vietnamese crepe) here is excellent, crab rangoon is actually freshly made, all the salads are very good; Quan Kien Giang quite possibly has the healthiest and best salad I have ever had (it also includes some meats - Shrimp, pork and beef but in small portions

    For Tex Mex I would stick to my guns on Escondido (close to Parkland Hospital), El Paisa (in N Carrollton along I35E) and Tipicos (close to Love Field). This is not health food but just down home goodness.

    Hopefully this covers quite a bit. I will add some more later.

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      I really appreciate your help! I have a week left to plan out everything I want to try and you have def given me a great start!

    2. My favorite place for steak is Pappas Brothers. As for places in the Farmers Branch area, I would suggest:

      --Casa Vieja at Josey & Belt Line in the shopping plaza in the northeast corner. Very tasty Columbian food.
      --Caribbean Cafe--on Webb Chapel just south of Belt Line. Cuban.
      --Babe's--1006 Main in Carrollton in the town square. Delicious fried chicken, chicken fried steak, etc. Unlimited sides & biscuits and their coconut cream pie is awesome.
      --Agave Azul--also in the town square in Carrollton. Delicious Mexican food and one of the best margaritas in Dallas.
      --Greenz--great salads. It's located in Addison Circle.
      --Pastazio's--also in Addison Circle, really good NYC-style pizza.
      --Mena's on Marsh in the shopping plaza right before Trinity Mills. Good tex-mex and they have a big lunch menu with lots of specials.
      --The Londoner--on the corner of Midway & Beltway. I work right down the road and we like to go here for lunch. Small menu but everything we've had has been pretty good.

      Outside of the Farmers Branch area, I'd suggest:
      --For a more upscale experience: Stephan Pyles, Hibiscus or Abacus. Hibiscus is more like upscale comfort food and they have great steaks, fish, etc. I love their T. Boone's Prime Tenderloin with tomatoes and Pt. Reyes blue cheese and their mac & cheese as a side. The lump crab cocktail is a great starter. Stephan Pyles would be a little more of a unique experience, it's modern Southwestern Cuisine with Spanish influences. Excellent ceviche. Abacus is the most pricey out of the three but it's also one of the best meals I've had in Dallas.
      --Cafe R & D--this is owned by the people who own Houston's. Small menu but the food is great and the service is consistently wonderful. It would be comfortable to eat at the bar solo, every time I'm there there's at least a couple of people doing this.
      --Cafe San Miguel--some of the best Mexican food in Dallas.
      --Yao Fuzi in Plano. This is my favorite place for Chinese food in the area.
      --Asian Mint--Thai/Chinese fusion.
      --El Ranchito--it's quite an experience.
      --Tillman's ain the Bishop Arts district--would be the furthest drive but a very unique Texas experience.

      If you get tired of eating in restaurants, there are cafes at both Whole Foods at Forest & Preston and Central Market at Coit & George Bush/190.

      That's all I can think of for now. Enjoy your stay!

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          Another great place very close to Farmers Branch is Thiarrific. It is just behind the Cinemark movie theater in the shopping strip on the corner of Webb Chapel and Forest. It is really good Thia food, I especially recommend there cold dishes.

      1. When your husband comes, take him to Javier's - truly a Dallas instution near Highland Park. Mexico City type Mexican food - you will remember their black bean soup and filete Cantinflas forever! Casual dress but a dark romantic restaurant - if a little noisy...and, oh, the margaritas... :)

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        1. re: lindsley

          Ok, can someone explain Javier's to me. I have lived in Dallas for six years and when I moved here I was told about Javiers. I went. And I went again. And its fine, and I've found my dish, but I still don't get why everyone sings its praises. ???

          1. re: simply_victoria

            I have lived in Dallas 30 years and never been. With the feedback I have gotten from it I would never recommend it. I go solely based on food, value and service. Two of these ideals are not met at Javiers, service and value. I posted above some better places to spend your money and dine at restaurants that care about their customers as well as their food.

            IMO I would say skip Javiers!

          2. re: lindsley

            I've lived in and around Dallas for 40 years and have never been to Javiers - BUT! It's certainly loved by many as well as questioned by probably the same number. Seems there's a definable love/hate relationship, however, it is a Dallas institution which has been around for generations -

            much as has Joe T. Garcia's in Ft. Worth. Should you go to Joe T's? Yeah maybe - sit on the patio and enjoy the ritas while enjoying a stroll-around-modified mariachi band, but to be honest, the food is unremarkable.

            And speaking of Ft. Worth, while I don't frequent it much, it's only a 30 min drive from Dallas and I'd hate for you to return home, someone ask "where'd you eat in Ft Worth" and you reply "Ft Worth???".

            So here's a recent thread to look over:

            I would definitely recommend Nonna Tata's but the hours are extremely limited. For a nice weather weekend, you may enjoy the Love Shack (hamburgers), located in the middle of the Stockyards.

            Enjoy your stay!