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Oct 3, 2008 07:28 AM

Korean Restaurant Week - guidance required

I want to take advantage of Koren restaurant week to introduce myself to one or two great NYC Korean restaurants...but not having been here long enough, really don't know where to start...

Any experts out there who can give me a steer on the best bets? (or ones to avoid/pass)

Participating restaurants are:
Cho Ga
Dok Suni
Kang Suh Hoi Kwan
Korea Palace
Kunjip Restaurant
New York KomTang House
Seoul Garden
Sura Korean Cuisine
Woo Chon Restaurant
WonJo Restaurant

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  1. this will cover alot of these restaurants:

    - Bann, Cho Ga, Dok Suni, Gama - they are all so so korean restaurants in the east village; nothing to write home about
    - Jeollado: this place is terrible
    - Hangang:
    - Kang Suh: decent bbq, but madangsui is much better (although not on your list
    )- Korea Palace: terrible
    - Kori: never been
    - KumGangSan: decent korean restaurant, but nothing special
    - Kunjip: good for the right things, in particular i like their kimchi dolsot bibimbap and their pudae chigae
    - Mill: never been
    - NY KomTang House: pretty decent bbq, famous for using charcoal
    - Persimmon:
    - Sanmaroo:
    - Seoul Garden: the only decent soon doo bu in manhattan (although BCD is opening soon
    )- Sura: thought it was interesting, its sort of a fusion take on a "royal" korean cuisine (literally a take on the food of the royal court of korea)...ive been meaning to go back
    - Woo Chun: surprisingly good kalbi (its listed at like woochun special kalbi or something like that, its the most expensive cut); other chigaes etc ive had there are terrible
    - WonKo: i dont like this place at all, just a general korean / bbq restaurant

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    1. re: Lau

      kunjip is great. i have never had a bad experience there - great service and great food.

      1. re: Lau

        Try the bibimbap at Woo Chon -- they have some variations you don't find elsewhere. I'm surprised re the bad chigaes, though I usually stick with the bibimbap.

        But I disagree re the bibimbap at Kunjip -- I found their version pretty mediocre. My advice is to stick with the chigaes there...

        1. re: a_and_w

          no not the regular bibimbap (if thats what you're referring to), specifically the kimchi dolsolt bibimbap, which is quite a bit different than regular bibimbap

          i think the best regular bibimbap is surprisingly at Gam Me Oak (which i also happen to think is the best restaurant in ktown as they really do have good suh long tang on absolute basis whereas most korean restaurants in manhattan ktown are only good on a relative basis to each other, manhattan ktown is mediocre overall)

          1. re: Lau

            Sorry for the confusion -- I was referring to the regular dolsot bibimbap at Kunjip. I was really disappointed by the bland ground beef and poor vegetable selection. What's the kimchi version like?

            1. re: a_and_w

              its in the stone hot pot and is mainly a mixture of kimchi and pork that may have been stirfried and it has a fried egg on it (yolk is still runny)...its really very nice, i definitely suggest trying it (it is slightly heavy though)

              its quite a big different than regular bibimbap b/c it doesnt have the gochujang sauce...i mean i guess really the only characteristics it has in common with regular dolsot bibimbap is that its in a stone pot and has rice haha

        2. re: Lau

          Wow - thank you - this is a great overview (obviously you are a Korean fan!)

        3. Prob too late in the day to offer practical advice on this, but if you go to Bann (in Worldwide Plaza), I'd say just get the $7 bibimbap rather than the $15 prix fixe. The appetizer was barely an amuse bouche, and the sorbets were icy and not very flavorful. Both skippable. The bibimbap was good and generous though.

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