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Oct 3, 2008 07:25 AM

Tapas in Geneva, IL

There's a new restaurant, I believe called Grotto Italian Tapas in Geneva. Has anyone been there yet? I heard it moved into the old Chianti's site..

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  1. I answered you over on lthforum. I have to go over that way in about an hour, I'll check it out.

    1. We just went there Saturday night for dinner. LOVED it! Service was fantastic, prices very reasonable, food was excellent. We had the goat cheese appetizer and the scallops, both were excellent. My friend had the risotto which was outstanding. Her husband had the carpaccio and it was delicious. It's a little loud in there, the ceilings are very low, but it's worth it. Definitely recommend a reservation for a weekend dinner.

      1. Was there in the AM when they first opened. The service:excellent The food: how can you say better than excellent!! Ordered the pan seared scallops out of this WORLD!! The food presentation was extraodinary and I'm a chef have not seen better where I've worked.