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Oct 3, 2008 06:57 AM

Tasting menu in Brooklyn?

My husband would like a tasting menu ... I know these are usually required by the table and though I eat fowl - I don't eat red meat. Anyone know a nice restaurant that might have availability tonite or tomorrow night that could be flexible on a tasting menu?


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  1. I know some like it and some are so so, but I love the tasting menu at Palo Santo (union b/w 4th and 5th) - it's quite reasonably priced, rarely has long waits and I think they could probably be quite flexible... also, the tasting menu I had was quite heavy on fish and birds, I actually can't remember if there was any red meat involved at all.

    1. I've had the tasting menu at The Grocery on Smith St. (near Union St.), and it was fantastic. I'm allergic to shellfish, and my friend doesn't eat red meat, and they were very accomodating in selecting the courses accordingly. They even included an extra course for us, which was very nice. You can call to try to get a reservation; if not, I believe they usually set aside a table (or two) in the middle of the room for walk-ins...first come, first serve, obviously.

      1. Saul Restaurant does an excellent tasting menu.