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Oct 3, 2008 06:20 AM

Fun meal and drinks near Double Tree Hotel in Orlando

A small group of co-workers and I are looking for a good bar/pub for drinks and dinner in Orlando near the Double Tree Hotel (aka. Theme Park Alley)... any suggestions?
While our drinking and dining tastes are pretty adventurous, our budgets are not; so fun but thrifty is our theme.

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  1. i think there are about 4 doubletrees in the theme park areas...can you be more specific?

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    1. re: britterbeezer

      We are at the "Entrance to Universal Orlando" Double Tree

      1. re: Mega

        Go to Cafe Tu Tu Tango. They have a very eclectic menu -- all "tapas" style, or small plates, so you get to try several different things and share with everyone at the table. They have artists working in the restaurant along with dancers and other performers, and it's lots of fun.

          1. re: britterbeezer

            Go where the locals go,, JB sports bar at kirkman and conroy. Best wings in town!!

    2. You can find some fun bars in the restaurants at Pointe Orlando, including Taverna Opa and Tommy Bahama Tropical Cafe.
      Drop down to Sand Lake Road's Restaurant Row where Timpano and Samba Room can be entertaining. A new restaurant, J. Alexander's, has an upscale bar.