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Oct 3, 2008 06:20 AM

Sunday night dinner in Scituate area?

I'm giving a voice recital in a church in Scituate this coming Sunday. I'm interested in looking for a place to grab a decent bite to eat afterwards. Probably willing to go to around $20 entrees if the food is good enough; if it's Chinese, I'd prefer a place like FuLoon to a place like KowLoon.

A quick search on the board has yielded the following candidates:

On the Water (old Pier 44 in Scituate)
Barker Tavern (pub side, in Scituate)
Bridgeman's (Hull)
The Snug Pub (Hingham Square)
Riva (Italian, Scituate)
Atlantica (Cohasset; I gather the Olde Salt House closed for the season on 9/28)
Red Lion Inn (Cohasset)

The Starving on South Shore thread at was quite helpful -- would anyone care to do any additional comparing and contrasting for a small group Sunday night dinner?

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  1. My knowledge is limited to the Scituate Harbor area.

    I'd eliminate On the Water.

    I like the Tavern at Mill Wharf..upstairs pub..steak tips, broiled scrod, not overly ambitious menu but well prepared and great views of the harbor.

    Barker Tavern is a nice looking, historic place but I haven't eaten there..

    Riva is probably the "best" restaurant...with a more upscale menu....small and view of harbor.

    Phin's is a fairly new place that I had a good breakfast and their dinner menu looked good..right on Front St.

    If you decide to stay in Scituate, I'd probably choose Riva or Mill Wharf Tavern..depending on what kind of meal you want.

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      When you say "Tavern at Mill Wharf" do you mean the pub at the Mill Wharf Restaurant? (The web site I found was at


      I noticed in the past threads that there was some disagreement about some of these places (Barker was atmospheric but mezzo-mezzo reviews on food, all over the place on Atlantica in particular). So, if anyone else has opinions, I"m all ears!

      1. re: Dr.Jimbob

        Tavern at Mill wharf...yes the pub which is upstairs. Downstairs is Chester's; their fancier restaurant with a more ambitious menu. It pushes your price point. I've never been but my gut feeling says to avoid it. Casual pub is the way to go there.

        Atlantica strikes me as similar to Chester's..and their prices will also stretch your budget.

        1. re: 9lives

          Is it worth the extra dough at those two places though?

          1. re: Dr.Jimbob

            I can't say because I haven't eaten at them; but no one has ever given me a reason to.

            Mill Wharf and Riva are only about 100 yds you could check all 3 menus.

            If you're concerned, the Pub is family/children friendly.

    2. I'd pick Da Lat in Hull over Bridgeman's any day. The dude that owns that place just stands there with the most miserable look on his face all the time and the food at Bridgeman's just isn't that good. Da Lat has good food, a decently priced wine list and full liquor too.

      I would have suggested Tosca but since the chef left the food has not been up to par. It might be serviceable enough to get a pizza and a simple pasta and the room is beautiful. It really was a good go to place on the way back from the beach or even on a chilly winter night when the food was pretty much spot on.

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      1. re: Wursthof

        When did Kevin Long leave Tosca?

        1. re: Winer

          I think in the middle of the summer.

          1. re: Wursthof

            Is he gone forever or was it a hiatus? I thought he was creating the menu for the casino and assisting with the opening.

            1. re: mkel34

              Shrine website says he is co-executive chef. He hasn't been at Tosca. Staff member said he was at the casino full time. Not really sure myself. I just want the food to be better there. Again.

              1. re: Wursthof

                Wow. I had no idea he had left, but we did experience a not-so-great meal here in mid August and that may explain it. Prior to that I had always really enjoyed Tosca.

                I'd opt for Bridgeman's or The Square Cafe.

        2. re: Wursthof

          Kevin Long is still the Executive Chef at Tosca. Never left. He was made a partner and consulting chef at Shrine at the MGM but he is only at MGM 4 days a month. He is at Tosca 4-5 days a week. Always has been. I love K Long and am a long time customer. For me, it's still a magical place for food.

        3. Of the ones I've been to, I'd opt for Bridgeman's or Riva. Barker Tavern and Red Lion Inn were just OK when I went, On the Water a cut below that, and Atlantica was terrible.

          1. If you want to eat in Scituate I'd pick Riva, hands down, would avoid the Mill Wharf, both upstairs pub and downstairs Chesters. The Barker Tavern Pub is also a nice choice, it's rather small and I don't know how large your group is. In Cohasset Village Bia is very nice and has a small/smaller plates option. Feng Shui on 3A in Cohasset is a cut above the usual Chinese restaurant and I'm fairly sure offers a buffet on Sunday night.

            1. Pier 44 is usually inhabitated by older people, food is ok, look for things like Welsh Rarebit, pot roast, seafood. Barker Tavern is good food and I like the atmosphere. The Snug is snug, have not eaten there but heard that it can get crowded. I have had good food at Bridgeman but find it pricey. La Dalat in Hull is good for Asian food. Atlantica is ok but make sure there is no function going on that night. Good luck.