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Cafe Polonia 9.28.08 - still Great

potato pancakes, dumplings with goulash, stuffed cabbage, vienna pork chop and a few P'iasts and Perlas.

it was such heaven, although i was careful around any sharp objects for an hour or so after, lest i burst.

such comfort food.

if you have never been, go. if you have, go again.

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  1. this place IS heaven. especially now that the weather will soon turn to crap. i LOVE their borscht.

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      LOL, my sentiments exactly! Borscht and pierogies taste so much better when the weather stinks.

    2. I'm so glad to hear this! I'm planning my first trip next week while my sister is in Boston for the first time. The menu makes me die a little everytime I look at it... Pierogies with caramelized bacon- wow.

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      1. re: voodoocheese

        If available, as odd as it sounds, you've got to try the sour pickle soup, an outstanding comfort soup.

        1. re: Food4Thought

          it wasn't on the board Sunday, but yes, it is Very Good.

      2. I actually went once over the summer, but the first nip in the fall air is what really gets me thinking about this place again.

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              Place link:

              Cafe Polonia
              611 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127

            2. oh yah, and pierogies, the cabbage ones. we had those to start, they didn't make the photo.

              1. Just to add, if you're going to Polonia (and you should), you should really check out the Polish grocery stores in the immediate are. There are a few; but the 1 I usually go to is Baltic..across the street from Polonia..great selection of kielbasa and other Eastern Euro goodies

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                  And pomegranate wine and pates too.

                2. Thanks to all who recommended Cafe Polonia. We went today for lunch today and had the sour pickle soup, polish plate, and the gypsy pancake. The food was good. Portions were good sized so we were stuffed afterwards and brought half of the polish plate home. We definitely want to go again and try something else next time.

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                    I'm planning on making Cafe Polonia the destination for a birthday dinner. Would love to follow up the meal with some tasty drinks nearby -- are there any good bars in the neighborhood? Or, since we'll be coming from Cambridge, is there a nice bar one might suggest as a follow up, somewhere along the Red Line between home and Dorchester? I'm wishing Boston had a place like New York's Russian Vodka Room...

                    1. re: alice blackwell

                      There's not much in the area. That big sports bar Stadium has a full liquor license and is close but nothing I'd call a nice bar. You might have to come back into the South Station area and maybe to go Sorriso or Les Zygomates or things around Park St.

                      (I was just in Krakow and have had enough pork and potato products to last a long time, but need to get to Cafe P. this fall.)

                        1. re: ScubaSteve

                          224 used to be in my regular rotation. They have a very competent bar staff. But be warned that the "bar" area is small, like a closet. You will be elbow to elbow as patrons wait for tables in the same area you're trying to have drinks. That said, I like the cozyness of the room....it infuriates others....

                    2. Barmy and I finally got out to Cafe Polonia for a dinner last night - what a gem! I don't think I had expected it to be quite so tiny, but we really enjoyed the food and the warm neighnorhood feel of the place.

                      I wanted to try one of the soups but didn't want to carry half my dinner home, so we skipped appetizers altogether, a decision I slightly regret. Barmy had the Polish plate and I had the Gypsy pancake, and we were both quite happy with our choices. (Barmy said that the cabbage roll that came with his plate was the best he had ever had.)

                      For dessert we split an order of blueberry pierogies, and we both agreed that they had been tasty enough and an interesting experience - I've never had fruit pierogies before - but another time we'll go for the apple cake or the plum cake.

                      We were also pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get there and home again - South Boston/Dorchester are parts of Boston that neither of us are especially familiar with, despite the fact that I attended junior & senior high school in Codman Square.

                      One funny thing - the music they were playing was a very short loop of about 6 or 7 songs, with which we rapidly became deeply familiar ("This is the one with the opening fiddle part that sounds like Steeleye Span." "This is the one that sounds astonishingly much like Brave Combo." And so on.) I think we heard the entire cycle 4, maybe 5 times in the hour-plus that we were there.

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                        those golumpkis (stuffed cabbage) rule! i always get two or three a-la-carte with whatever i'm having.

                        i also like the smaller potato pancakes (3-5" in diameter) as i like the crispy edges best, the gypsy has too much middle for me.

                        totally with you on the music, we actually make up alternate lyrics, great fun.

                        1. re: ScubaSteve

                          Wait, so they play those same five or six songs EVERY NIGHT?

                          The table behind Allstonian ordered a variety of apps instead of main dishes: I was immediately taken by the kielbasa twists, which are chunks of kielbasa that have been partially sliced and then fried, so that they have these wavy tentacle-like things on them. If you've ever seen the website for that Hot Dog Octopus thing, it was basically that effect.

                          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                            idk about the same loop but what you said sounded familiar to what we've been hearing there for a while.