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Oct 3, 2008 06:12 AM

Cafe Polonia 9.28.08 - still Great

potato pancakes, dumplings with goulash, stuffed cabbage, vienna pork chop and a few P'iasts and Perlas.

it was such heaven, although i was careful around any sharp objects for an hour or so after, lest i burst.

such comfort food.

if you have never been, go. if you have, go again.

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  1. this place IS heaven. especially now that the weather will soon turn to crap. i LOVE their borscht.

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    1. re: Prav

      LOL, my sentiments exactly! Borscht and pierogies taste so much better when the weather stinks.

    2. I'm so glad to hear this! I'm planning my first trip next week while my sister is in Boston for the first time. The menu makes me die a little everytime I look at it... Pierogies with caramelized bacon- wow.

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      1. re: voodoocheese

        If available, as odd as it sounds, you've got to try the sour pickle soup, an outstanding comfort soup.

        1. re: Food4Thought

          it wasn't on the board Sunday, but yes, it is Very Good.

      2. I actually went once over the summer, but the first nip in the fall air is what really gets me thinking about this place again.

            1. re: taves7

              Place link:

              Cafe Polonia
              611 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127

            2. oh yah, and pierogies, the cabbage ones. we had those to start, they didn't make the photo.