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Oct 3, 2008 04:41 AM

being invited to eat where there are cats

ok this is not an allergy to cats thread but how do you CHers feel about being invited to someone's house where you know, positively, that their cats are allowed to, and do, roam on the kitchen counters?

I love animals, have dogs of my own and have owned outdoor cats but I cannot bear knowing that cat's feet have been walking around the countertops where the food is being prepared.

We have been invited to a co-worker on Thursday next week to break the fast and I am put off eating there. I know the cats have litter trays in the kitchen and do not go outside.

Do I eat there or eat first?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Since you know the cats are on the counter for sure, I think you should just decline the invitiation. If you go, it'll be uncomfortable for you AND it will be uncomfortable for the host/ess and any other invited guests. I'm assuming that this is a work acquaintance and not a good friend (in which case you can tell your friend the truth).

      FWIW, I have an indoor cat and she doesn't get on the counters (or coffee table or some such). The indoor/outdoor thing is not the issue.

      1. Do you know for a fact that she doesn't clean her kitchen counters and allows the cats on the counter while she prepares the food or are you just assuming?

        1. Sounds disgusting. I wouldn't go.

          1. Litter box in the kitchen is nasty, would you eat/cook in your bathroom? That being said, that's why I wouldn't go. Anyone who doesn't realize that it's just plain gross might not be too meticulous with cleaning. Cats having been on a counter doesn't bother me, you just have to clean them religiously, especially before preparing food. The germs a cat might bring up there are probably no worse than what's living on our hands, sponges, dish towels etc. As long as they haven't stepped in the food, it's fine with me.

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            1. re: jacquelyncoffey

              I do not believe the subject of litter boxes was raised by the OP.

              1. re: chowfamily

                "I know the cats have litter trays in the kitchen and do not go outside."

                Next to last line of OP.

                1. re: lgphil

                  You are correct, and I apologize.

                  I'm guessing that this is necessary for some reason, but it would not necessarily impact the quality of the food.

                  The OP should decline the invitation for the sake of all concerned.