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Oct 3, 2008 03:46 AM

Mildred Pierce @ Nuit Blanche?

Just a heads up for fans of Mildred Pierce. The website for Nuit Blanche has MP's new location on Hanna Ave. listed under "Food and Beverage." Hopefully we will be getting a preview,(and taste) of her new resto!

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  1. oooh. that would be nice! Can anyone confirm if "The Lakeview" which replaced "Lakeview Lunch" at Ossington/Dundas will be open for Nuit Blanche?

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    1. re: airsey

      Not fully open, but in an article in the Post a couple of weeks ago, they said that they'd be serving poutine and milk shakes all night.

      1. re: gregclow

        Like Mildred Pierce, when I went by The Lakeview it was also completely shuttered and dark. Quite dissapointing considering I could have used some late night poutine to soak up some of the alcohol!

    2. not sure if it was definitely a debut, but the new midred pierce was dishing out food at eat to the beat this year.

      i got a card with the new name... but it was displaced. she was offering up a proscuitto wrapped something off a hot plate and dipped into a mildly spiced red sauce. it was far too salty and a bit hard (as i find proscuitto gets when you cook it) and was alright but nothing spectacular.

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      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        Agreed -- it was a chorizo stuffed date wrapped in prosciutto and it was meh. The chorizo in my piece had several hard cartilage pieces in it, which really ruined it. But even the overall flavour was seriously lacking.

        I'm still looking forward the opening of the new place, though.

        1. re: TorontoJo

          seriously cartilage? bleh.

          just got some more specifics... it's going to be called mildred's temple kitchen and it's right in the lcbo plaza in the liberty area.

      2. While it will be nice if this actually happens, part of me suspects that Donna signed up to participate back when she thought the new place would be opening in mid/late-September. That opening was subsequently delayed for at least another few weeks, so it might be that they never got around to removing it from the website.

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          1. re: Suresh

            My suspicions were correct. We went by there last night, and Mildred's looks to be far from being ready to open.

        1. I tried to make a food stop at Mildred's Temple Kitchen this morning (I was going to say last night but it wasn't!) and it was closed. It was around 1AM. I spoke to one of the organizers there and she was under the impression that it was supposed to be open, so I guess no one told the Nuit Blanche people otherwise. It would have been nice if they had put the right info on their website because I was seriously looking for a food fix after walking around Nuit Blanche for 5 hours (the sausage on a bun at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura wasn't really doing it for me)! So, I just ended up eating chocolate.

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          1. re: always_eating

            They were handing out samples of corn and coconut soup when I was there earlier. They also said they should be open in a couple weeks.

            1. re: jteezy

              They are open now, walked by 2 nights ago around 7, it was deadsville. Nice space, modern lofty and white. I'm sure it'll be a hit - at least for brunch. This neighbourhood needs some soul sooooooo bad.

                1. re: Suresh

                  A word of warning to anyone thinking of heading down to Temple Kitchen this weekend:

                  They're still waiting in their liquor license, so there will be no booze until that comes through. They've got their fingers crossed that they'll be given the all clear on Tuesday, after which they'll issue an official opening notice.

                  The food, however, is fantastic.

                  1. re: gregclow

                    Yup, the brunch is the shizz as usual. Had the Green Eggs and Ham and the BF had the blueberry pancakes - formidable! Went last weekend. Also the service is really great. Could be a little less stark and cold though...