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Oct 3, 2008 02:15 AM

Does Toronto have Banh Hoi?

I'm not sure if it is indeed called banh hoi, but I have had this dish at Viva restaurant in Winnipeg, and it was fantastic. It is a vietnamese dish with various bbq'd meats with vermicelli which you wrap your own rolls with a stack of provided rice paper and vegetables.

looks something like this:

but I had sliced charbroiled beef not those souvlaki style things in the pic

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  1. Although I've never had it there, I think this is what a I see a lot of Vietnamese families eating at Anh Dao. Give them a call and ask.

    383 Spadina Ave. (at Baldwin St.) 416-598-4514

    1. Yes, I've seen it on the menu at many Viet restos. I believe the name refers to the rice paper wrapper, and there is no standard selection of meats that go with it, so it may not look exactly like the photos.

      1. Yes, Toronto do have restaurant that serve Banh Hoi, the DIY rice paper roll with various grilled meat. It's just that it is not a popular dish that people order. Most traditional vietnamese restaurant have it. For example, i've had it at Pho Dau Bo and Ben Thanh, both are chains that have various location across Southern Ontario. If you went to other restaurants, it should have a small section for Banh Hoi too. I think Pho 88 and 99 should have it too.

        I think the reason for its unpopularity is that it is one of the more expensive dinner on the menu (still very affordable) and because it requires some skill to wrap your own roll properly and you have to use your hands. But if you dine with a friend of vietnamese background, they will show you the way it should be prepared.

        I'm glad you like it because it is a very healthy dish.


        1. I was at Mi Mi at 688 Gerrard (note: it's not "Mimi's" as I've seen it called here) and they have a big selection of combos, see the menu attached. Mostly bbq pork and beef.