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Oct 3, 2008 02:02 AM

Meritage MSP

My newly acquired husband is a "sorta" chow guy. He likes the food that I cook, so he doesn't really "get" going out to eat when we have a full refrigerator, or when I'm not completely sick of cooking. He is not a huge fan of eating at new places, but he usually trusts my choices (which are almost always influenced by ya'll) Once he finds a great place, though, he's hooked. That being said, for birthdays and special occasions, he will always let me choose (even when it's his birthday!) Anyway, we got married on his birthday, and it got sort of lost in the shuffle. I would like to take him out, but I'm wondering how much money it would cost for brunch, lunch, or dinner. I looked on the website, and there weren't any clear prices listed. He's the type that a high bill makes him nervous, even if it's for his own birthday!

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  1. OOOhhh--I love Meritage. Make sure to let them know when you make your reservation that you're celebrating a special occasion (I'd let them know that it's a birthday you're celebrating because you just recently got married on your husband's birthday).

    Congratulations on your marriage, btw. Now your husband will have NO EXCUSE for forgetting your anniversary (not that he would anyway because he adores you, right?) :-)

    Anyway, we recently went to Meritage for a special occasion dinner. We each ordered 1 glass of beer or wine, each ordered an entree, and ordered 3 salad type dishes that we shared. Our total bill, before tip, but including tax came to about $110.

    I've never been to a weekday lunch, but for weekend lunch/brunch most of the dishes run around $10-$11. I think the highest on the lunch/brunch menu is about $16, with most being about $12.

    I hope that helps! Enjoy!


    1. Ditto on loving Mertiage.

      They used to have a full PDF file with the menu on their website - its not there now so I wonder if they are updating it.

      That being said, its worth every penny - and you can make it much more expensive if you order every course and go crazy with the wine list/pre & post dinner drinks etc.

      From what I can recall the entrees were mid $20s.

      I'd call and see if they can fax you a menu or email you a PDF - like I said it at one point recently was online.

      Enjoy & congrats

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        The menus have been missing from their website ever since the RNC (I stalk the website regularly!). I hope they bring them back soon as I like being able to check out menus before we choose where we feel like going on any particular day.

        I've always found the food at Meritage to be good, but sometimes the service can be a little on the slow side. In my opinion, that's not a problem if you're out for a special occasion and not in any sort of hurry. My suggestions would be to definitely try an amusement to start. They're just little bite-sized appetizers. I love the Braised Beef Strudel. And SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT! My favorite is anything with Izzy's salted carmel ice cream. Last time we were there, which admittedly a few months ago, they had an ice cream cake of sorts made with the salted carmel ice cream with chocolate ganache on top and the drizzled with cherry caramel sauce. So good!


        1. re: Seige

          Well, I'm thinking about getting dinner reservations-any other suggestions for things to try? Neither one of us eats pork.

          1. re: jenniegirl

            the gnocchi. seriously outstanding.

            1. re: jenniegirl

              Funny - Desta and Russell must be reading this message board. The menus are back up on their website! BTW... I can't ever keep myself from ordering anything other than the steak frites (with the NY strip) when I'm there. I know I need to branch out, but the steak frites is so good!

              1. re: Seige

                So I'm replying to myself, but I totally think the Klein's have been reading all about my inability to branch out from my norm while at Meritage (yeah, it's all about me - ha!) as they are now offering <drumroll please>... nightly tasting menus! 5, 7 or 9 courses - with or without wine pairings. According to their website the tasting menus are tours of the current seasonal menu. I am going to have to plan on some serious chow time at Meritage one of these nights!

                Oh, and I finally got over there for brunch this past weekend. Delightful! And the service was 10x improved over my previous dining experiences there. I'm making the hubby go back again this weekend. :) I could eat an entire coil of that Fisher Farms maple sausage. Delish!

                And to the original poster - did you go to Meritage yet? Be sure to report back!

              2. re: jenniegirl

                The specials = outstanding.

                Ditto on the gnocci.

                Halibut - never fails to please.

                I think I had the duck there as well. I heart duck.

                Ditto on desert.

                Oh - and the Tiny Tartare Tuna Taco - I could eat 100. and they are wee little snacks.

                1. re: St Paul Susie

                  How does their Gnocci compare to Pazzaluna's Quattro Formaggi Gnocci?

          2. Shorts RIbs are amazing on Sat night. Probably a good place to start for a starter chowspouse.