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Oct 3, 2008 12:20 AM


I just got finished making a ginormous Naomi Judd meatloaf sandwich (got the cookbook for a dollar!). It was so big I could only eat half, and had to save the rest for my husband when he gets off work. This was my 2am snack-anyone had any good midnight snacks lately?

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  1. Turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo with a glass of warm milk. The turkey aids sleep.

    1. I just had this conversation with my son. He had a friend sleep over who, after a large dinner, wanted to get something to eat at about midnight. I don't understand midnight snacks at all. I never want to go to sleep -- in fact I can't sleep -- on a full stomach, so it is something I have never done. So, essentially, it sounds as if you are having a second lunch after you have dinner. I don't get it.

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        Ever notice how you're extra hungry the morning after a big meal as opposed to a moderate one? Depending on your eating habits I guess, but i know with me, if i eat a big carb heavy meal it doesn't seem to sustain me as well in the long haul, and when i get the crash, i crave.

        I also know that a few times when i have had bad insomnia, those carbs helped. If too hungry after staying up well past the bedtime due to insomnia, i'm even less likely to fall asleep. Sometimes just something carby can help ease me into it.

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          Yes, but that's the next morning and it doesn't make me want to get up out of bed and start slinging food around in the middle of the night! I have to say that it doesn't OCCUR to me to be hungry in the middle of the night!

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            Midnight snacks are often not something I wake up for (although I know people who do), but something that happens when I am still awake sometime between Midnight and 3am, an increasingly rare occurnce for me (is that good or bad?). if dinner was sometime between 6 and 8, by midnight or 2am, my stomach figures its been long enough. Time to be fed. If I have had a drink or three, even more so. So what do I eat? Please refer to the thread about junkfood... http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/562301. Junkfood is always best after midnight.

      2. I'm such a sucker for the midnight snack....and it's a sandwich, every time.

        1. Last weekend we were woken at about 1:30am by sirens in our normally quiet neighbourhood. We got up to see that things were okay (worrying about elderly neighbours) and naturally needed a snack before retiring again.
          Me: honey garlic pepperoni stick dipped in hummous, handful of green sicilian olives, a big pat of a lovely blue cheese, some prosciutto salami.
          Mr: tomatoes halved and broiled with same blue cheese and bacon bits, cucumber rounds dipped in hummous.

          1. I had a big bowl of couscous with garlicy tomato squid at around 4 am. Whipped it up in about 20 mins