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Oct 2, 2008 10:31 PM

[DFW] "REAL" Italian food?

I'm afraid that I need to be schooled in the ways of 'real' Italian food. I've always thought I didn't like Italian food, because all I've ever really known is heavy American Italian food, which I can't STAND.
However, I love light Mediterranean flavors and fresh, cool vegetables and crusty breads-- which I'm thinking are pretty much classic elements. of real Italian cuisine.

So, what am I missing and do we have an authentic restaurant here that can show me a good meal?

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  1. Closest thing is Acodoro Pomodoro is Sardinian in nature but still probably the closest we come. I understand your sentiment b/c after our honeymoon to Italy my wife and I looked for the same things. Everything her is heavy and overly complicated. Hopefully Arcodor Pomodoro will help quench those yearnings.

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      I'd say Nonna is the best real Italian. ACC/POM is indeed Sardian, but the qualiity of food at Nonna is far superior, IMO.

    2. Sounds like you enjoy more northern Italian and there is a place on Beltline in Addison that specializes in that hmmm...give me a moment...Yes...Mi Piaci...does very nice Northern Italian..Special place...Salads fixed tableside..Excellent Service...It is on Montfort off of Beltline in Addison....been around for a long time

      1. I cannot throw enough praise toward Nonna Tata in FW - although it is more northern (some southern) Italian than Med. Many of her pastas are freshly made that morning, the focaccia bread is authentic and somehting like I've never had before - seems most people use leftover pizza dough and *try to* pass it off as focaccia. Also, check the review at DMN - it talks more about the owner/heritage. In any case, she cooks the real deal and though rich, it's also light and pleasing.