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Oct 2, 2008 09:05 PM

Baby Friendly and good for groups?

Hi all,

I am looking for a restaurant for a 30th birthday celebration, either in San Francisco or on the Peninsula. We would be a group of 10 or so and there would be a baby joining us.

Any suggestions on a place with good food, but that's also baby friendly? There are some picky eaters in the bunch. Good cuisine options would be American, Mediterranean/Greek, Mexican.


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  1. We've had good luck with Park Chow when we have had larger groups with babies. Parking can be tough in the neighborhood, but there's usually plenty (at night) just inside GGP - a mere 1/2 block away.

    1. Not in your cuisine list but I really like Dim Sum for a group and for kids. If the kid isn't eating much Yank Sing at Rincon Center is good on the weekend because there is a big waterfall in the overflow seating area that provides a good distraction. If the kid is eating the food comes fast and it is usually appealing to young ones. The other dim sum place I really like is Ton Kiang on Geary. Both would be good for a group of 10.

      1. check out the menu at Its the most child friendly place I know and has one large table you would want to call and reserve.