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Oct 2, 2008 07:48 PM

3 nights at Mandalay Bay

Since we go to Las Vegas rather frequently, we tend to stay at our home hotel for all our dinners. This time we'll be at MB, and we've already decided on Aureole for one meal.

They don't all have to be fancy, as a matter of fact we prefer a nice variety, so what are your 2 or 3 favorite restaurants at MB?

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  1. Fleur de lys gets good reviews and will have a reservation there at the end of the month. Burger Bar for a nice lunch is highly recommended and MIX, check uhockeys recent review, seems pretty nice as well.

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      I'm a fan of Border Grill (lunch at the taco bar, dinner at the main restaurant);, but also, do yourself a favor and take the short walk to the Four Seasons and the Verandah. One of the best places for breakfast intown; very serene.

      1. re: Friend of Bill

        I like the Border Grill, too, for lunch at the taco bar.

    2. Stripsteak is a good choice for an upscale steak dinner. For a casual dinner, Wolfgang Puck has a nice Italian place called Trattoria Del Lupo.

      Ai also had a couple of relatively good casual lunches at the Noodle House.

      1. MiX is stellar, but also venture out of the Hotel.......there are simply too many great options so close together in Vegas.

        Lunch at Burger Bar is a decent choice.

        1. Burger Bar is excellent. Sit at the bar, and you won't have to wait long (if at all).

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            We've eaten at FdL in SF, BG in LA, and last time at MB ate at TdL, CP steak and Rumjungle, and I really don't like Michael Mina restaurants.

            We're considering Red Square and Caffe Giorgio - haven't read much about either, are they both terrible?

            Verandah definitely for breakfast one day. How is the House of Blues for breakfast?

            We usually skip lunch with eating big breakfasts and dinners.

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              there some great restaurants at MGM, litterally a 10-15 min. walk from MB, such as Fiamma, L'Atelier, Craftsteak, Nobhill, Wolfgang Punk and Emeral both have restaurants there as well.

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                I know it's hard to understand that people do things differently, but we stayed at MGM in February and DID enjoy the restaurants there. This trip we're going to just eat at MB, TheHotel, or the Four Seasons.

                  1. re: cgervais45

                    That's OK :)

                    Hey, if someone sends us a better deal than what we're paying at MB then it will all change!

                    We travel around to other casinos during the day but at night we just like to snuggle up at our home base.

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                I had lunch at Giorgio about a year ago. I had the Italian sandwich, my husband chose the chicken parmigiana sandwich and we each had a side Caesar salad instead of fries. Service was a bit bizarre as our food arrived before our drinks, but the meal itself was fine. Bill before tip was $36.

                Stripsteak is good, but pricey. Same goes for Mix. Shanghai Lily was pretty good. Also, tried Charlie Palmer at Four Seasons. I was most impressed by the corn bread in the bread basket. Steaks at Stripsteak were superior.

                1. re: vegasjuhl

                  The problem I have with Stripsteak is that MM is a "seafood" guy so how can he possibly do a good steak? I love a good steak...

                  I will admit that the only time I went to a MM restaurant was in Bellagio several years ago and I thought it looked like a cafeteria and the tasting menu was very disjointed - i.e. it had an Italian preparation followed by an Asian - no cohesiveness at all to the menu.

            2. Before reading uhockey's recent review of Mix, I'd probably have dismissed it out of hand for food, though we very much enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the balcony (earlier in the evening, before all the club bs starts). But now I might consider it. I'm not a fan of Michael Mina at the Bellagio but I do like Sea Blue and Nobhill at MGM. I've dined twice at Stripsteak and wasn't especially impressed either time, although the Macallan pudding sticks in my mind as one of the tastier puddings I've ever had and I like pudding/custard/all manner of squishy desserts. For our last trip (where we also stayed at Mandalay) I was considering RM Seafood but the prices on the online menu were offputting. I figured for that money, there were many other places we could eat. But they have a less formal side, downstairs. Maybe check that out? I like Fleur de Lys although our second visit wasn't as stellar as our first visit.

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                A quick note on RM seafood. You can go on and purchase a $25.00 gift card for $10.00 and Border Grill is also on there as well. With RM sefood there is a min.2 entree purchase with the gift card but Border Grill is a $50.00 min purchase. Its a great deal if you do decide to dine at eithier!