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Oct 2, 2008 07:32 PM

Vosne-Romanee + Beaune - Wine Tasting + Restos

Bonjour Chowhounds!

My friend and I will be in Vosne-Romanee (staying at Le Richebourg) and Beaune in late October and we are looking for recommendations for restaurants (lunch anywhere -- dinners near Vosne-Romanee as we don't want to have to drive far at night) and recommendations for wine tastings at vineyards that we can reserve in advance.

As for restos -- we dont' want to spend a million euros for the meals. If there are great bistros w/ price fix lunches or reasonable dinners- it would be perfect (less than 50 Euros a person per meal would be great).

Thanks in advance for the wonderful recommendations!


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  1. Had a great dinner two years ago at a small restaurant in the town of Flagey-Echezeaux,
    Robert Losset. Phone number 03 80 62 88 10.

    The restaurant is in the old train station and does not look like much from outside, but it is excellent cuisine in very nice dining room and won't take all of your euros.

    There is also a little cafe in Gevrey-Chambertin that I cannot remember the name of, but it is in the center of the village on the main street. The menu is very limited, but we went back three afternoons in a row because we could not get enough of their escargot. I think we went through 2 dozen each every day. They also offer several wines from local producers at a good price. Look for the large, white dog named Blackie lounging around the outside tables.

    1. In terms of wine-tastings at vineyards, we just returned from Puligny-Montrachet, south of Beaune. The Maison d'Olivier de Flaive offers a package for 2 people that includes a visit to the vineyard with a sommelier who discusses the viniculture, a tour of the winery cellars with the owner, and a 14-wine degustation with a simple 4-course set meal for 2 people for 100 Euros. The food was simple and rather ordinary, but the wine-tasting was quite interesting, as was the workshop. We were there for the vendange. Here is the link;

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        A good recommendation - you can also simply have lunch without the tour, or simply taste the wines without lunch. As lunch seems to be €50 a head the tour at €100 for two (I assume it isn't each) it is good value.

        When we visited the wine tasting was free although we were buying. In-fact we enjoyed a bottle of his Chablis only yesterday, part of the batch we purchased in '06.

        The lunch is quite basic (rustic may be a better term) and the tasting can feel like a production line. However, it is well done and informative, and we enjoyed it. He also has some good wines and you get to experience an interesting range from across the area.