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Oct 2, 2008 07:16 PM

Advice for Philly near Convention Center

DH got there today for a convention and will be there through Tuesday. He hit the place we liked at Reading Terminal for lunch but then when he and the guys got together for supper, they hit Chili's. They said they want to try some places but just didn't see anything. They'll probably mostly want to walk so something fairly close but they might venture out some if I can make it worth their while. They are probably not up for gourmet meals. It was all I could do to get DH to Le Bec Fin with ME last time we were there. Not his scene but definitely looking for goo local food.

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  1. Chinatown is right there, two good places are Rangoon or Vietnam. I'm sure someone else can recommend more places in Chinatown..

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      Anything is better than Chili's (or the Melting Pot!). As the previous poster said, Chinatown is right there with many options. Also, if you walk down 13th St. a few blocks, there is El Vez and Capogiro gelato across the street. If you would not mind walking a few blocks more, head southwest towards Rittenhouse Square (near Le Bec FIn) where there are a number of good choices ranging from decent pizza at Pietro's , Greek cuisine at Estia (a fancier option), or even things like hamburgers at Good Dog .

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          And Naked Chocolate isn't far from there eiither.. getting to be hot cocoa weather. In addition to Good Dog, Monks is not far .. 15th and Sansom. Great beer, decent food. Great fries.

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            Shoot... I am so much of an Aztec hot chocolate addict at Naked Chocolate that I even get it in warm weather!