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Oct 2, 2008 06:22 PM

Romantic Birthday Dinner

My birthday is at the end of the month, and I know my b/f is going to ask me where I want to go....

It would be fun to try someplace new, and not TOO expensive. Anything dark, moody, good service, creative menu, is great. West Side, Pasadena, Downtown, Los Feliz, Silverlake.


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  1. Palate in Glendale not so dark and moody but very good food and service

    Church & State Downtown, moderate in price, great atmosphere, ok food

    1. If u want Romantic u should try Yamashiro in hollywood its really nice with a gr8 view but a little pricey. in downtown try elevated it on i think 22nd floor of a building with another gr8 view of the city scape....

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        Even with all the recent tinkering in the kitchen and menu, Yamashiro still serves up food best reserved for a 5 year old.

        1. re: chef2chef

          Yamashiro's food borders on inedible. Go ONLY for the view and a drink. Eat elsewhere.

          1. re: chef2chef

            My b/f took me to Yamashiro's about a year ago and I loved it. The view was gorgeous and our meal was delicious. The service was also great.

            1. re: chef2chef

              Go to Yamashiro solely for a cocktail.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. At the top of my list are Apple and Gordon Ramsay. Not sure either is specifically romantic, but I am starting to hear good reports about the food at Ramsay and first reports of food at Apple are quite good.

                1. Cliffsedge in Silverlake is a hidden gem... has a beautiful romantic courtyard... very magical and the food is great and not too expensive.... Lilly's on Abbot -Kinney is also a nice choice..Also there is a new place on Abbott -Kinney.... I forgot the name... it's by the new newsstand... It's supposed to be amazing.. I walked in and it looked charming.