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Oct 2, 2008 05:39 PM

cheap bar in saco?

The family coming to visit for the fist time. I'll need to buy a few rounds in a not to loud and not to seedy lounge in Saco or near Main street Saco. Good price on drinks in a nice place would be great.

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  1. There is a new brew pub on Main St. - Run of the Mill - at the mill, obviously. They are brewing Liberal Cup - a local brewer, and carry a wide variety of craft beers. I've not been yet so I'm not sure what they have beyond the beer if that's a concern. I've heard the space is very nice.

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      You beat me to it. I am a big fan of Liberal Cup, a great brewpub in Hallowell. If Geoff Houghton's new place in Saco is anything like his Hallowell is worth checking out for both the fine hand crafted brews (many produced seasonally or whimisically) and the well-above-average pub food (high quality versions of standards like fish&chips, Sheperd's pie, Cheddar Soup, and some more adventurous offerings).

      1. re: HDinCentralME

        I'm looking forward to going myself!

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          Sounds like a craft brewpub might be a bit out of the poster's price range. Is the Kerryman Pub still there on Main Street? Haven't been in years but remember it having good priced drinks, and wasn't too seedy (obviously not a Michelin rated place, either).

          1. re: jackbauer

            Thanks for noticing my price line.