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Oct 2, 2008 05:13 PM

Group Lunch on Lower Cape, Columbus Day Weekend

I need to arrange a lunch in Wellfleet, Eastham, or Orleans for a group for 18-25 people attending a field trip for a professional conference on the Sunday of Columbus Day Weekend, October 12. I'm looking for a place that is still open (duh) with a diverse menu that can accommodate out-of-towners looking for a local seafood experience, vegetarians, and gluten and shellfish allergies for up to about $15 per person. Places I've already considered are the Bookstore in Wellfleet and Land Ho in Orleans. Any other ideas?

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  1. I can only comment on Orleans, but I would say that you are more likely to be happier at the Beacon than Land Ho. The lunch at the Beacon is actually their best meal and I think the setup there would work well for the group you describe. Land Ho is a nice pub with fair food; good if you are looking to catch a game, eat a burger and drink some beers; but The Beacon has a better menu selection and higher quality food .

    1. The Old Jailhouse Tavern in Orleans sounds like it would fit the requirements.

      The Beacon Room would be another option

      I've been satisfied with both places.

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        I love Beacon Room but the size of your group would take over the place. Old Jailhouse would be perfect but the food is truly mediocre and the place needs a major refurb. Land Ho is a fun bar if that's what you seek out. I would suggest the Academy Grill. It has a nice atmosphere, is eclectic and has lots of parking. It's located in Orleans. I suspect they could create a menu to fit your price range if you have a group of 25.

      2. I would second the Acadamey in Orleans - I think they even do a brunch on Sundays that I hear is awesome, but everything there is great. The place is on the small side, but you could probably arrange something - I've eaten there with a group of 18 before. Land Ho, Jailhouse and IMO The Bookstore are all pretty mediocre pub fare, although of the 3 The Bookstore is probably your best bet. Another option would be to go to Provincetown since there would be more options - Ross' Grill is really good and has a water view - then your group could shop/ explore afterwards.

        1. I would try Winslow's Tavern right on Main St. in Wellfleet. I think they are open through Columbus Day...

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            Winslows Tavern is a good choice. We had our daughter's wedding rehersal dinner there in June with 35 people and it was great. They are open weekends into the middle of October.

          2. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I hope to try them all out on my own in the future, but it appears the Bookstore is going to be the best option for our group. I know it may not be the best food, but price, location, and speed of service are really the most important considerations. I called them yesterday and they said as long we get there by Noon, they would have space for us and can get us in and out in an hour.