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Oct 2, 2008 05:12 PM


Has anyone been to Eataly in Daikanyama ?

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    1. Yeah, I wouldn't bother. The "restaurant" has the atmosphere of a Ikea cafeteria. The food was good, but considering other nearby competition not up to standard. Portions were very small, and pricey. You'd be much better served a hop skip and a jump down in Nakameguro or Ebisu. The deli and bread looks good if you are looking for some interesting ingredients, but not really anything made fresh, which you'd expect in Japan. The wine selection looked very good, with a wide range of low end product and brands I hadn't seen before. The best thing I thought was the stand up espresso bar on the opposite site. Pop in for a 200 yen espresso!

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        I stopped by the other night with my girlfriend. From the website, I thought there were a few different restaurants to choose from. After sitting down though I learned that the 3 options on the lower level were all using the same menu.

        Girlfriend had a tomato based pasta with ground beef, the pasta itself was good and I thought it tasted remarkably like my mom's lasagna. I had the calzone with 4 cheeses and ham, pretty good.
        Service was a little iffy, but not bad.

        The market was fun to look at, there are some things I haven't seen before like a whole chunk of guanciale, maybe 3 or 4 kilos worth for JPY 16,800 !

        Lots of italian cookies and jarred sauces, vegetables, etc... I recommend the market if you like Italian food and products.