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Oct 2, 2008 04:57 PM

I need your opinions

I was in Seattle about a year ago and visited:
Dahlia Lounge...great lunch
Dulces...a real interesting dinner and a great jazz piano player
Stumbling Goat....recommended for their freshness and sustainable food efforts.
Procopio..super gelato, is there better gelato in town? This was convenient to where we were.

A friend is visiting this month and I was wondering if I should recommend these places to her?
I enjoyed all three (plus gelato, of course)

I was also curious about:
Campagne, as I like their menu
Pasta Freska because of the novelty

Any thoughts on these?

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  1. PM, I would suggest Quinn's and, in the International District, Made-In-Kitchen. (Depending upon where your friend is from.) A personal favoriate is the upstairs bar at Maximillien's at the Market. Their Mussels are the best in Puget Sound.

    1. I think Bottega (just south of Pike on 1st) has better gelato than Procopio, FWIW.

      Dahlia's great. Never been to Dulces, Stumbling Goat, or Pasta Freska. Campagne is overpriced IMHO.

      1. Cafe Campagne is reasonable (and house wine at a good price) for happy hour.

        I second Quinn's. Have a look at their menu here:

        Enjoy your visit. The rain is just now setting in... which means off to the bar and restaurant you go ; )