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last dinner...what would it be?

I am sure this has been discussed before, but I want to know, what would you have for your last meal? For me, this is a question that has been on my mind since the book came out but I think I would have Peruvian rotisserie chicken, steamed white rice w/ a hint of garlic and a salad with an incredibly acidic lime or lemon vinaigrette. To finish I would have the richest chocolate cake I could find and a giant glass of milk....ah, comfort!
Note...this changes daily!

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  1. Today it would be
    A day after Thanksgiving sandwich ~~ whole wheat bread toasted and spread with Best Foods Mayo; a slice of lettuce, sliced turkey from the day before, a scoop of stuffing (mine) and a slice of jellied cranberry sauce (Ocean Spray) topped with the other slice of ww toast.
    Wise potato chips
    guacamole (mine)
    Marie Callendar's fresh peach pie with real whipped cream
    Diet coke over ice

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        you wouldnt go for regular coke?

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          no ~~ been drinking diet so long, regular tastes too sweet

      2. Chicken fried steak with cream gravy, mashed potatoes with more cream gravy, corn with lots of real butter, biscuits (possibly with sausage gravy)

          1. -a bowl of Pho
            -a chilled King Crabmeat cocktail
            -a 30 oz. Prime Porterhouse cooked rare
            -a whole steamed lobster
            -garlic mashed potatoes
            -steamed, in season Illinois sweet corn

            served with cold beer, and Don Julio 1942 tequila.

            (sounds alot like my regular meal at alot of steakhouses I go to, other than the bowl of Pho, and corn on the cob). :-)

            1. My dad's beef stew--best I've ever had.

              1. Dinner with my wife at the bar at Sebo in San Francisco. The bar would have to include uni, Michael's ankimo and the tuna collar they made once for us.

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                  Im going to SF over christmas...Is this a sushi restaurant? If not, what kind is is? Any other recomendations of places we just have to eat at? I love asian, comfort and latin food. Thanks in advance :)

                2. Medium rare roast beef with horseradish, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole.

                  With a black & tan.

                  1. A grilled ribeye, grilled asparagus, mixed green salad, buttery garlic bread, creme brullee and something chocolate on the side.

                    1. Same answer as in my profile for "best meal I ever had": Thanksgiving dinner as made by my mom and grandmom. Includes roast turkey, plain mashed potatoes with lots of butter and cream, garlic green beans, homemade rolls, mashed rutabega, sweet potatoes, olive tray, homemade cranberry sauce and gram's delicious turkey gravy. Served with love and copious amounts of the wine of your choosing. My mom gets enough for an army.

                      1. Lasagna, preferably a good homemade version made with sausage.
                        A nice chopped vegetable and greens salad with a vinaigrette dressing.
                        Warm , fresh Italian bread
                        For dessert, a thick slice of cheesecake or a fresh, stuffed to order cannoli.

                        God, I'm hungry now!

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                          at one time , unless I am wrong about the state, Texas ahd a website that listed the death row inmates last meal requests. I believe they took it down. It was a bit surreal, but it went, as you could imagine , from NOTHING to a huge meal. Maybe someone has saved it and will share with you.
                          It takes the hypothetical equasion out of your question.

                        2. A big plate of original Nash's Hickory BBQ (Gravios Mills and Sedalia, MO.) with their own sauce. Why? It's the best BBQ EVER and since the sauce will never be produced for sale anymore, I'd live forever!

                          1. Dim Sum: Har Gau, Siu Mai, Gai Lan w/ oyster sauce, Cha Siu Bao, Shrimp & Chive Dumplings, Cheong Fun and a steaming bowl of Abalone Congee. All with tons of hot chili oil.

                            I always feel like I could die happy after a morning of dim sum...

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                              I agree...dim sum just makes me happy! Love is with chrysanthemum tea mmmmmm

                            2. Whole lobster
                              Roast duck
                              Roast chicken
                              Roast goose
                              Prime Sirloin, medium rare
                              roast lamb w/rosemary
                              Porkchops the done side of pink
                              Big side of home made chips (fries)
                              Corn on the cob w/ plenty of butter
                              Thick buttered toast
                              Roast potatoes in goose fat
                              Irish stew
                              dim sum (esp. potstickers)
                              various pizzas
                              a little mayo
                              an ice cold coke
                              a selection of wines
                              a hamburger
                              a bacon sandwich
                              a BLT
                              Garlic bread
                              Those pizza dough balls
                              a hotdog
                              good coffee
                              orange juice
                              some cocktails
                              Ice cream
                              Large selection of cheeses
                              Some sausages
                              I'd have the goose cooked last. Then my goose would be cooked.

                              1. A steamed artichoke with aioli or maybe just plain mayonnaise to dip, with a glass of milk. Followed by some sort of creamy, ridiculously sauce on gnocchi or pasta with tons of cheese. And for dessert, a box of premium assorted chocolates.

                                1. A double full Sui circa 1990 Hot Truck of Ithaca, NY fame.

                                  But seeing as it would be my LAST meal and danger wouldn’t be an issue, I think I would go for Fugu prepared by a blind sushi chef. Oh! And a Ballantine Burton Ale to wash down then neurotoxin with…

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                                    A pile of Maine Lobster with butter!
                                    The BACON EXPLOSION - 5000 calories and 500 grams of fat (I will try it one day)
                                    My Grandmother's homemade Double Double Chocolate cake and to end the meal truffled cheese, triple cream brie and aged gouda with a bottle of Chateau lafite Rothschild 1980

                                  2. A plate of spaghetti with my mom's sauce (after it's been in the fridge for a few days so the flavors come together), meatballs, a loaf of italian bread with a lot of butter, and a bottle of red wine.

                                    1. Such a difficult hypothetical question to answer as to choose only a few out of the many wonderful possible foods seems like a crime but I wouldn't want to make myself sick on my last meal as it would have to be perfect and memorable! I would probably go for a 'tapas-style' display of mini-sized portions including some Middle Eastern mezze, a selection of Indian dishes (with lamb, duck and seabass), jamón ibérico de Bellota, dim sum and a some Argentinean empanadas. For dessert, a slice of white chocolate and dulce de leche cheesecake with dates, figs and mixed nuts and to drink, a bottle of a good reserve Malbec (Colomé from Salta or Séptimo Día from Mendoza). I'd go with a huge smile on my face, that's for sure!

                                      1. To start: A nice crudo -- toro, yellowtail, salmon. Paired with champagne.
                                        Main course:
                                        Duck breast, perfectly seared with the skin crisp and a small layer of fat, perfectly pink, sliced and served with a shallot and mustard sauce. My mother's garlic scalloped potatoes that she only makes at Christmas. The best red wine I've ever tasted. A nice salad with a light dressing and some bitter greens -- arugula or watercress. Brussels sprouts.
                                        Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies. Like the kind they used to serve at the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA, but with more salt and with toasted walnuts.