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Oct 2, 2008 04:32 PM

Taqueria La Morena in Hatboro

Mitch wrote an awesome review of this place in the Trend this week that had me salivating. He said that there is new management. I've never been but wondered if anyone has been there fairly recently? I want to go but I don't know my way around Hatboro. Is it hard to find?

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  1. Can't really help, but it appears to be on a major road. Can you post a link to that review (if it exists)?

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      The Trend is a free newspaper that I get midweek. I guess some would consider it junk mail. I eagerly look for Mitch's review and always read it right away. I wish the reviews were online too. He reviewed a korean barbecue in Assi Plaza and I clipped it out planning to use it as my guidebook when I went to the bbq but I lost it somehow. I'm not losing this one though. It was a very detailed review saying what he and his LDC (lovely dining companion) liked and why. As soon as my hayfever subsides I'm heading over to this mexican place. Too bad they don't make actifed anymore. I can hardly taste or smell due to the pollen and mildew that is everywhere right now. I feel like I'm losing my chowhoundyness!

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        There is yet another Mexi place in the general area. Called El Ricon Mexicano.

        I get Trend as well, but usually trash it without reading. Guess I won't do that any more!!

    2. Here's a link to the map. Un fortunately, no review. If I am thinking about the right place, it's across the street from where an old Hatboro institution, Santarian's, used to be. The last time I went to La Morena, it was really just a tiny tiny Mexican grocery store, with a couple of plastic picnic tables/chairs inside where you could eat food that was prepared in the back. Sounds like it has changed, and would be worth a try. That general area seems to have a growing Hispanic population because there are more & more Hispanic food places cropping up. Rey Azteca is further along York Road, for example.

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        La Morena is excellent. Basic, casual atmosphere but authentic Mexican.

      2. I have been there many times under both ownerships and it is a very good ,authentic taqueria. The last 2 times I have been there the tacos were great. It is also very easy to find. It is right off of RT263 (york rd) on Moreland Rd. If you are driving south on RT263 from county line rd toward willow grove , you make a left on moreland and it is 50 yards up on your left.