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Oct 2, 2008 03:56 PM

Cakes for Occasions, Danvers

Saw a TV piece on this place and was wondering if it's worth a trip. I'm solidly in the Lakota cake camp but always open to new chow. Was particularly interested in a featured cake, Opera Cake, which was a coffee soaked chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, topped with chocolate ganache. Oh my did it look good at 7pm last evening! Could have used a slice with post dinner cup of tea.

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  1. They are worth the trip. My friends and I get the opera cake for every birthday. It's silly good. They are quite talented at that shop.

    1. I have only had a piece of it the day after a friend's birthday party and it was great. Very inexpensive compared to places like Icing on the Cake - which we love.

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        Thanks to you both for the input. Made the trek today and purchased the Opera cake and the lemon raspberry. I'm afraid I can't concur with your assessment of the place. Emphasis on the presentation, not quality cakes, icings or fillings. I really felt like I was eating a cake from a supermarket with very little flavor (where's the coffe/, lemon infusion?) and icing equally bland. You know those $4.99 airy, empty layers which could be just about any flavor if your eyes were closed. How can a chocolate ganache have no flavor? Doesn't seem possible but Cakes for Occasions seems to manage it. There is no comparison to a Rosie's or Lakota cake: fine, rich, flavorful cakes of substance and worth every penny.

        My next question? What the heck do I do with the rest of these two disappointments? I certainly won't be eating any more so in the freezer they go to be shared anyone who's willing to waste the calories.