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Oct 2, 2008 02:57 PM

Oysters & Beer near 10pin (House of Blues)

Greetings CHI-hounds!

May I get some suggestions on where to take a dozen guys tomorrow (Friday) 3-5pm for a Happy Hour with good beer, seafood snacks (oysters, etc) and atmosphere? We're looking for some place to hang after 10pin bowling.

After favorite places?

Some one mentioned Shaw, Fultons or McCormicks. I'm not familiar with any except maybe Fulton's --if its that ridiculously priced seafood place where you go down a level to the dining room (that open ~ 3 yrs ago, served pricey entrees w no sides as i recall).

Price isn't too big a concern as long as it better than most.

Thank you!

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  1. Janet,

    The places you mention are all close to 10 Pin. Shaw's probably has the best reputation as a seafood restaurant and might be a good bet. Fulton's is, indeed, the overpriced and over rated seafood place on the river and Lasalle. McCormick and Schmick's is a seafood chain with a location on Wacker, just across the river from 10 Pin. Although I wouldn't recommend it for a seafood dinner, it might be your best bet if you are just looking for a place to have some beers, oysters, and other appetizers. There are other seafood restaurants nearby, such as Catch 35, but they are more geared towards dinner. Some of the steakhouses in the area might also have oysters, and if they have a bar area might also be good for what you are looking for.

    1. Second the suggestion for Shaw's. Good oysters and cocktails, plus they might have live music at that time. Enjoy!

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        Shaw's - no question about it. The oyster bar section is a really cool vintage atmosphere with fresh, quality seafood. I'm pretty sure they have a happy hour special on oysters and maybe sushi. It's a perfect vibe, great food, and convenient. I think its a great spot!

        1. re: fets

          Thanks, All!

          We went to Shaw's and had a great time. My favorites:
          - shrimp cocktail (super fresh, perfectly cooked jumbos with a great chunky cocktail sauce)

          - lobster roll for a very reasonable $19 considering it was nicely stuffed (even *I* couldn't have fit more meat in the bun!) and they let me substitute asparagus for the fries. Unheard of! There must have been about 10-12 nice sized spears perfectly cooked -- steamed w no trace of any butter to detract from the flavor. This health nut was hopping! Even the coleslaw was way above average--perfect even. I've gotta go back and see if it my experience was a fluke. Thinking about it, I never had a such a satisfying lobster roll outside of Maine. One minor complaint, the meat was a tad too salty.

          I appreciate your quick replies. Death to Fulton's!