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Need good drinks/snacks off Pike Eastbound: Newton, Allston/Brighton

hsquare2southend Oct 2, 2008 02:51 PM

I have a challenge for the board. My coworker and I have been trying to think of a place we could go for drinks after work on Fridays and avoid the rush-hour traffic on the Pike Eastbound around Newton Corner, because it's a real bummer to cap off your happy hour by sitting in traffic on your way home. We work in Framingham, I live in the S. End and she lives in Somerville. We need a place that's East of the Newton Corner exit on the Pike, has a place to park a car (we each have one), is relatively equidistant between the South End and Union Square, and has good cocktails, wine, and eats. We've thought about Kendall Square, and the Allston-Brighton area, but don't really have any specific places that meet all criteria. Yet, we know there must be something. I figured you guys would be able to help. Suggestions? Thanks for helping 2 tired elementary school teachers at the end of a long week!

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    teezeetoo RE: hsquare2southend Oct 2, 2008 03:00 PM

    maybe the market street/brighton center area? Devlins? Blue Room comes to mind in Kendall.

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      lkmuller RE: teezeetoo Oct 3, 2008 08:13 AM

      My teacher friends and I hit up the Stockyard in Brighton on our way home from school. There is a big parking lot, it is right off the highway, and they have good beer and snacks. It is not fancy but it seems to fit what you are looking for.

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