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Oct 2, 2008 02:46 PM

Heaven on S.Atlantic Blvd: Chalio Restaurant

Our Tuesday foray to Montebello was greeted by 109 degree heat so Mme Zoe and I did not venture up to Dim Sum land but looked for a spot that advertised shrimp cocktails - (cocktel).
Chalio has a few signs outside advertising that it is a birrieria Mexican restaurant but a free parking spot outside pushed us in. The decoration is strictly old world coffee shop with buzzers at each table in case you want something. Huge menu but unaccountably I fancied hot fish soup. The wait person said, this will take about 10 minutes because it is made fresh. A largish bowl arrived with a big tail fin sticking out of the bowl: unbelievably delicious broth filled with vegetables and plenty of fish (I think it was butterfish). We also ordered a freshly made shrimp cocktail and fresh watermelon juice for me and guava for Mme Z. Shrimp divine with lots of small chunks of avacado and spicy juice. Total bill $17 before tip. Believe me, I am still thinking about this soup, it was that good. Oh and it comes with hand made tortillas. Serves breakfast too.

Chalio Birrieria Mexican Restaurant
760 S. Atlantic Blvd (just North of Olympic)
Los Angeles 90022

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  1. I believe you meant: "North of Whittier".

    This is the birrieria joint that always hire a sign-spinner to tout their ware at the corner of Atlantic/Whittier on weekends?

    There are at least 4 birrieria shops on Atlantic south of 60, north of 5. It deserves a crawl.

    1. Try Chalios on First Street in East L.A. I think it's near the corner of Ditman and 1st. Weekends are best. There sometimes is a line around late morning.