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Oct 2, 2008 02:22 PM

Cincinnati--need restaurant for 2:00 PM lunch, tomorrow

Hello there,
Going to be at UC tomorrow and need a restaurant anywhere in the Cincinnati area or directly over the Kentucky line. One Japanese friend with us, does not want anything Asian for lunch. Nothing pretentious please, no attitude, just great people and great food, late lunch hours. Going back and forth from Columbus to Cincinnati, so still learning the Cincinnati area....thanks so much! TWEETYKAREN/Bexley

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  1. On Walnut just north of 6th is Nicholson's Pub. Order the fish & chips and thank me later. Just across the river is Claddagh Pub at Newport on the Levee. Just across the street from that is Hoffbrau Haus for good and cheap German food. I'm not sure what's around U.C. anymore as that area has changed monumentally over the past 10 years and I haven't been there lately.

    Just remembered, one exit up from U.C. (Dana Ave. exit) is Hyde Park Square. There's Arthur's which is really good. Just down the road from that is Mt. Lookout Square which has the famous Zip's, home of the Zipburger (which was on the FN). It's basically a big, greasy burger, but it's good.

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      Hi John,
      I just want to ask a couple of other things--I received your posting too late to try your suggestions, unfortunately. So: the Dana Ave. exit---is that where Xavier is? Hyde Park Square, is that a restaurant also, or a park? I know you mentioned Arthur's at the same exit, and we will try that, as well as Zips at Mt. Lookout Square---I have to be there a lot...thanks so much! Karen

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        Xavier is west of I-71 on Dana, Hyde Park Square is east of I-71 on Erie Ave. There are a bunch of shops and restaurants. Arthur's is on Edwards and Erie. Hyde Park Square is only about 5 minutes (north) from Mt. Lookout Square (Linwood and Delta Ave). If you Google Zips Cafe you can get an overview of the entire area.

        As the expression goes, you can't swing a dead cat and not hit a great place to eat in that area. You'll find quite literally every style of food and very little in the way of chain restaurants.