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Oct 2, 2008 01:56 PM

Where to find the best Bubble Tea

Maybe a better question is where can you get bubble tea?

Unlike L.A. and NY, we don't have bubble tea at every street corner. Where can you get bubble tea and where's the best?

I'm especially looking for the BEST bubble tea in Chinatown proper and any good bubble tea out in the 'burbs. I like the Tea Stop in Harvard Square and am usually happy with Lollicup in Allston. I've yet to find a great place in Chinatown proper. I'm looking to try Bubblicious (sp?) in Newton soon. Any hope for good bubble tea farther north and west?

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  1. For northwest i get them at Pho88 in Lowell.
    In Chinatown i like the cafe under china pearl on tyler st.

    1. The place that was in the foodcourt was the best... I like the Rainbow Cafe and the place next to the Maxim Bakery (it's a little Vietnamese place). Make sure they use fresh fruit! HATE powders.

      1. I loved the food and the owners at Bobalicious...but NOT the bubble tea. It was very slushy and I think I saw them putting ice cream in it also, which didn't seem to be something I'd had in a bubble tea before. Maybe they have different kinds and I somehow ordered the wrong one? It just seemed very different in taste and texture from Lollicup, and Bobalicious didn't have red bean, either. :( They said they couldn't get enough people ordering it to make it worthwhile.

        1. Try Infusions in Allston. To be honest, I liked the place more when it was run by its previous owner, but the current incarnation is still pretty good.

          Infusions Tea Spa
          110 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134

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            Yeah, I'll take a bubble tea at Infusions over the bubble tea at Lollicup anyday: actually tastes like tea, for one thing.

          2. the best place in chinatown is called dong khang. it's a vietnamese place right next to hong kong eatery and they use FRESH fruit!

            address is 81 harrison ave boston, ma