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Oct 2, 2008 01:38 PM

last minute pre theatre drinks recommendations?

Hi- I am going to see the Sound of Music tonight with some girlfriends- any recommendations on where to go for pre theatre drinks and nibblies, as close to the theatre as possible? (somewhere other than the king street spots between john and peter that is)


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  1. Nota bene on Queen has a nice bar.
    Gretzky's has a heated patio
    Keg on york is quite happening
    Monsoon on simcoe is sexy (is it open anyone?)

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    1. re: Suresh

      i was thinking monsoon- have only been there for dinner- is it the sort of place you could go for drinks and snacks do you think?

      thanks so much- also, does anyone know if you can go to cucina on duncan for drinks only?

      1. re: alltummy

        im fairly certain that monsoon has a bar menu, and same with cucina, but a call would confirm it.

        cant think of any other places outside the typical king stretch